How I Met Yeoshua, by Melinda

Back in January of this year (2008), I challenged the universe to show me that it really did work like the movie, The Matrix. I wanted to see amazing and unbelievable things happen in my life that wouldn’t happen to anyone normally. I wanted to see if you set intentions (which I wrote down instead of New Year’s Resolutions or Goals) for the year and opened up myself to every possibility or potential, what would happen? What if I opened my mind up to anything happening in my life? I wanted the universe to prove to me that this was the way it worked. Well, you might want to be careful what you wish for. I was thinking something amazing would be winning the lottery, for example. Ahh–that would have been so much simpler but would not really have proved what I wanted proven. No, the universe had more in mind than that. And I’m so glad.

I began working with Janet Lightstone of the Lightstone Academy of Psychics to hone my skills as a psychic. This felt like my next step in addition to setting wild intentions. I started working with Janet and let’s just say that I think I moved through the curriculum at a quick pace. And then I gave my Mom a psychic reading and someone (an entity or spirit) started speaking though me. I did not recognize who it was but the information was profound for me and my mom. It was amazing. I felt so light and happy. The next week, I was working with Janet and telling her about my experience when she suddenly said, “You are going to channel Jesus, aren’t you?” By this time, I had some suspicions that this might be the case but that’s just not something you go around telling people, you know? I told Janet that I had come to this same conclusion. So, in her Janet way, she said, “Let’s channel him right now then and see what happens.” It’s so funny because with Janet, there’s no time to say no or to think about your next move or even to get nervous. You just go for the ride and see what happens. It’s OK if you fail and it’s OK if you succeed. It’s sort of like being on an adventure together.

So, I channeled Yeoshua and he spoke using my voice. It was not a full body channel because I was aware of everything being said and was conscious of my body and whereabouts. It was amazing. Janet had some great questions up her sleeve that I could not really answer as Melinda. But as Yeoshua, he loved sharing about these things and went on and on about them. I was amazed. He left us after about 10 minutes because I had grown tired. His energy and light was like liquid gold. It felt so good to channel him. I was flabberghasted and completely freaked out. Janet was excited and accepted it with great aplumb. We set our appointment for our next session. I hung up and was excited and freaked out all at once.

I had challenged the universe and this was its response. How much more unbelievable and amazing could that get, right? That was pretty far out there. But that’s how he came to me at first. The universe very clearly responds to our intentions and our challenges.

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