The Star Nations and The Bible

The stars were so bright in the sky, and so many. The forest surrounded me, as I sat unsheltered in a fairy ring of trees on Summer Solstice. The stillness was profound. I was so happy to be out on the mountain ~finally!~ after months of preparation, work and planning. Now I could just enjoy 3 days out under the stars with nothing to do, no one to talk to, not even a meal to prepare. Just me, Spirit, the trees and the stars on my very first Vision Quest.

I sat on my sleeping bag looking up to them in awe. Then something strange happened. They started to move. Erratically at first and I wasn’t sure if I was truly seeing what I was seeing. I had taken no herbs or anything to provoke visions, so it was pretty strange to me that I would actually be seeing what I was seeing. I wondered if any one else was seeing this, but of course no one was around to confirm it. I took off my glasses and saw them as little blurry lights moving. OK so it wasn’t in my head. They were really moving. Then colors went swooshing in the sky as the stars began to form a circle. Then the circle became a vortex of light, sort of a red-orange color. Then a voice. A booming stadium voice, that said, “We are the ones who built the pyramids…we are the ones who wrote the Bible. You are one of us.”


It has been difficult for me to write of this, and many more things occurred that I have not yet been ready to write of, but now I see it is time to explore, to ask questions and to understand what exactly this means. I knew in my heart I was talking to my Star Family. The highly evolved beings who are assisting us in our evolution. Assisting us to create life on Earth void of suffering. My first question is: What do the pyramids have in common with the Bible? And why do we have these things? How are they helping us?

One answer I get is an example. I am shown a lost and desolate group of people praying for help on a small desert island. They want off the island to a better land to a more abundant land. Then one day a space ship appears on the island. They do not know it but the space ship can take them anywhere in the universe and even to different realms and dimensions. Not only that but it can help them remember who they are and the amazing powers they have. It holds the memory and wisdom of all ages and realms. They only have to understand how it works, or even to see it for what it is. But they misinterpret what it is. They decide it is a temple and create a religion around it. They only give special persons access to it and the people are cut off from it, but even the special persons misinterpret what it can really do, except for a very, very few who keep it a secret from the others because they worry that it’s power will be misused.

Now is the time for us to learn how to use this space ship and to tap into the codes, the maps, the memory of it, and allow it to be what it is. Now is the time to see that our prayers have been answered all along. We do not have to suffer on a desert island. We can go anywhere and do anything and we’ve had the power since we first asked for it. Let’s figure out how this thing works.

I’m being called to share this amazing wisdom with the world. I will be doing a channeling and discussion with my Guide, St. John the Divine (writer of the Book of Revelation and the Beloved Apostle of Christ) on May 20th in San Diego at Controversial Bookstore. 7Pm to 9pm, for $20. Contact 619-296-1560 to reserve your spot.

Many blessings,


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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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