Should I Get a Star Blessing?

Is the Star Blessing for You?

Does It Remove Blocks to Spirit?

The Star Blessing is an initiation and is a shift in your energy to more easily connect with divinity. It is not undo-able, and is permanent. The experience of connecting with Spirit varies solely on the person receiving the Star Blessing. Many people notice a change in their lives (for the better) weeks or months after they have had one, even if they feel they didn’t get much of a connection with Spirit. If there are blocks of doubt, skepticism or fear the Star Blessing is not for removing those. Fear, doubt and skepticism must be removed, worked through and released by the person themselves.

How Do Ascended Masters Communicate?

Initially, the Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels will use the psychic opening you are most adapted to, so if you are a feeler, you get feelings, seers get visuals, etc. The more you work with it the more likely the other senses will open up as well. The less you expect to get the more you get. It’s funny that way. After the blessing you sit quietly and note all that you get, in any form and in any way. If you are used to working with spirit – you know that the slightest changes can be significant messages. Allow, receive and be grateful for it all, even if it seems not very much to begin with.

Gratitude opens the pathway to more, and no expectations opens up all possibilities.

What Happens During the Star Blessing Appointment?
You need to set aside about 2 hours for the appointment, you need to be in a quiet location. Have a big glass of water with you (you can get thirsty working with Spirit) and a pen and paper to make notes on what you get from Spirit as well as the information I present.  The appointment will most likely take only an hour and a half, but set aside 2 hours just in case. During the appointment we spend the first half hour discussing how to work with Spirit, and how the Star Blessing works, and your ascended master. Then you get the Blessing (that part only takes a couple of minutes) and after the Blessing we hang up the phone as you connect with your guide and receive messages. You must sit quietly at that time for a minimum of 20 minutes but you have a maximum of 45 minutes to stay in it if you like. If I don’t hear back from you in 45 minutes I will call you to bring you out of meditation. You will need to be at a number where I can call you back.

The last part of the appointment we discuss your experience and how to continue working with the Star Blessing, and your ascended master to keep the connection growing and flowing, that usually takes about a half an hour.

Will I Be Able to Communicate with My Guides After the Star Blessing?

Your ascended master given to you at the Star Blessing appointment is your guide, and has been for your whole life. After getting the Blessing and working with your ascended master for at least one month, you can ask to talk with another guide if you feel called to. You will be given instructions on how to continue your work and communications with your guides and ascended master during the appointment.

Will I See Dead People?

Take note that this initiation is not for talking with dead people, but only the Guides. If you are concerned about ghosts or entities coming to you to communicate you needn’t be, it is only for Guides and Angels to connect with you. It is absolutely safe, and keeps your energy clear and free from interference from unwanted sources.

If you want to connect with a loved one who is passed, this is not for that and you can contact me at 619-866-4405 and we can talk about training for that.

What if I Don’t Get Messages From My Ascended Master After the Star Blessing?

I am available to support you via e-mail or phone after the Star Blessing to help you work with it, and get a clear connection which is part of the fee for the appointment. The only block to connecting is you, I can help you release the block, but it is up to you to follow though and commit to the work it may take if you have a lot of doubt and fear about working with Spirit.

Bringing the energy of gratitude and faith to your meeting with Spirit will bring you the greatest reward from this initiation, and the most magical experience.

Why is the Star Blessing So Expensive?

I charge for my time and not the Star Blessing (the Star Blessing is priceless to me), although I charge $198 as a flat fee no matter how long it takes or how much support you need after the Star Blessing. The fee is non-refundable, since time spent is already spent.

You can pay via paypal or credit card. If you use paypal I will send you an invoice via e-mail to be paid before the appointment time. If you pay via credit card you can give me the credit card info at the time of the appointment.

I am happy and grateful to be working with you, but if any of the above does not sound good to you that’s OK with me and the Guides :-).

Is There a Group Rate?

Yes! If you have a friend or more people you know who would like a Star Blessing too, and can do it at the same time we can arrange to lower the rate for teleconference, or, with large groups, travel to present Star Blessings. The more people the lower the rate, yet the rate will not go below $99 per person.

Who Can Give a Star Blessing?

Star Blessing Masters are the only ones who are qualified to give a Star Blessing. Star Blessing Masters have received Star Blessings levels 5 & 6 and are trained and gifted the ability to pass on the Star Blessing. Contact for a list of qualified Star Blessing Masters.

Originally, Janet Lightstone was gifted the Star Blessing by the Star Nations while on a 3 day fast in the mountains of Arizona during a Vision Quest. This is a sacred initiation, and is to be received as such. No person not associated with Janet Lightstone has been confirmed as a Star Blessing Master at this time.

How Do I Get a Star Blessing?

You can call to set up the appointment at 619-866-4405, skype: janet.lightstone or e-mail Please include your time zone and preferred days and times to have the appointment. All appointments are done via phone, if you wish to have an in-person Star Blessing contact me and we can arrange to connect you with a Star Blessing Master in your area if possible.

Have more questions?

Feel free to call 619-866-4405 or e-mail and you will get an answer as promptly as possible.


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