The REAL Secret: What People Aren’t Saying About Manifestation

You may have noticed that there are times in your life when you can’t go any farther, can’t get any better, can’t go any deeper with your psychic senses, or even bring home more cash every month.

On the path to spiritual growth and developing psychic ability, we find many obstacles, blocks and challenges in our way. What creates blocks to our achievements? What keeps us from experiencing divine wisdom and taking our psychic senses to a new level? On the mundane level what keeps us from getting the great job, the best partner and the most out of life?

Most teachers will tell you that Fear is the obstacle and the result of fear is the other low vibrational states of mind such as anxiety, stress, depression and so on.

But why do we have fear? Fear is an illusional state of mind, unless you are actually in immediate physical danger. Fear is created by the ego to stay in power. Therefore the ego wants to stay in power and creates fear to do so. But why do we allow the ego to have such power over us? What is the true core of this problem?

Lack of self-esteem is the answer. We feel we are not good enough and to compensate for this our ego either builds us up and creates an illusion of superiority or it brings us down and creates an illusion of inferiority. The illusions of inferiority and superiority shadow our senses, create insecurity, block our access to psychic awareness, cut off our Divine connection and prevent us from having access to the Truth, to Wisdom, to Enlightenment and to success.

Most of us spend our lifetimes going between inferiority and superiority. We feel better than some people because we have achieved more, we feel lesser than some people because we have achieved less. The feelings of inferiority and superiority are activated in comparison to another. Feelings of jealousy, anger, hatred, annoyance and even irritation at another are all initiated by those. Receptivity is key to success, yet we block our receptivity if we feel we are too good to learn from some one, or too bad to be worthy of it. As spiritual seekers we know those states of mind are not the Truth yet we still struggle with them in our human experience.

How do we get off the teeter-totter of low self-esteem and clear the way to live a successful life clear of obstacles to our goals?

Humility is the answer. Humility in all things. True humility cannot be controlled by the ego. The act of being humble is an extraordinary power. It places you in the present moment keeps you open to all experiences and wisdom that comes your way. When you are humble you are receiving all the gifts that Spirit has to offer.

Let me be clear on what humility is. Humility is a state of mind that shows honor and respect for all persons and events in your life. It takes out the inferiority/superiority teeter-totter and places you in the middle as a grateful student of all life’s experiences. Being humble is not the feeling of inferiority as some people believe but the act of meekness and in meekness greatness emerges. Being meek is being Self without the domination of the Ego. It is what Christ meant when he said “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt 5.5). This is the Truth. Being meek, humble, having humility will clear the way to all you have ever wanted.

Be humble and your ego will no longer have the power to block your path. Through humility the ego can neither thwart your experiences nor color your perception in a way that blocks your personal success and spiritual growth. The law of reflection is true here: The more honoring and respect we feel the more we are honored and respected by ourselves, by the world and by Spirit.

Being humble also activates gratitude of which much has been written about as a manifestation power. When we are humble we find we are grateful for everything which in turns opens us up to receive, and receiving is the most important and last step in manifestation.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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