Why Do We Have Blocks On Our Path?

Janet Blessingsby Janet Blessings

We all came here with an intention, a reason, something to do.  When we chose when and where to be born it was with careful calculation and guidance from those in Spirit who continue to guide you as you lived.

We are born in this world with soul imprints that give us a map to how we chose live our lives. The soul imprints are mapped in the cosmos. Before you were born you chose who you would be, what you want to experience, and what you want to accomplish. You conferred in spirit with your guides making the plans and together you looked at the astrological aspects that would help you to with these goals.

You chose not only the personality traits that you would work with in body, but you also carefully chose your parents to teach you what you wanted to learn here. There are no accidental births or no mistakes about who you are and who you were born to, no matter what your parents did or didn’t do they provided you what you asked for before you came into body.

We can see what you chose for your identity, your lessons and experiences and your life’s purpose by looking at your chart and the placement of the planets, sun and moon. We can also see why you chose your parents and what you brought here from a past life to help you out in this lifetime.

The difficulty we have in life is that with every gift, goal, purpose and intention we also have a block or an obstacle in the way. Not understanding these blocks can create a great deal of frustration, irritation even a feeling of hopelessness.  You may find that you are asking yourself: “Am I on the right path?” because you are tired of not succeeding in what you are doing. The blocks and obstacles to our goals and purpose help us fully experience what we want to learn. Without blocks and obstacles we will not truly learn or experience what we came to life for in the first place. But learning to manage the blocks, and easily overcome them will help you to not only have your life experience but succeed at it as well.

The Life Path reading is by far the most transformative experiential reading I do, those who get it are amazed by how powerful it is to know why they are the way they are, what they chose to do here and how they can overcome the blocks from living their purpose.  The four one hour sessions change everything!  We are not only reading the charting of your imprint but using Tarot and Spirit to guide us helping you do what you came here to do! With the simple homework provided by Spirit each week, and the added insights of the Tarot, the blocks dissipate and are manageable.

Get your Life Path Reading here:  http://lightstoneacademy.com/what-is-your-life-purpose/

All you need is your birth date/time/place.

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