Manifesting with Spirit Guides to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Get all you need before you even know that you need it. 
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Prayers, candles, incense, and smudge. Following the moon cycles and aligning your essence to your intention or kneeling amongst parishioners on a holy day. A quiet ceremony under the moonlight or an altar set up amid clutter. Gathering in a forest meadow or an urban park. A desperate prayer after a night of indulgence or by the bedside of a loved one. A chant that echos through a cathedral or drum that harmonizes with the Earth’s rhythm. All ways of spirituality have an avenue connected to the heart of Divinity.

In prayer and ceremony, we are reminded that we are not alone. We do not have to shoulder every burden alone. There are blessings, gifts, and miracles to ease our burdens, soothe our minds, and settle our hearts. It is enough to ask through a holy ceremony or a prayer by a commode in a pub.

If it is a sincere request and you genuinely hand it over to Spirit, you will always get what you ask for.

There are some caveats, of course. Divinity adheres to Sacred Law, and they will not fulfill any request that is out of integrity with those laws. Nevertheless, understanding the power of Sacred Law is one way that will help you work with Spirit and grow easily on your spiritual path.

There is even more to getting help from Divinity than that. More ways to make your life easier before asking through prayer and ceremony. We need some things we did not even know we needed before the crisis occurred.

We can ask them to give us what we need before we need it.

How would your life be if you were provided for before the emergency or the holy day? What if Divinity came to escort you through life and helped you before the crisis? Gave you what you needed before you even knew you needed it?

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One day I was teaching a class where we had a meditation led by my Spirit Guide. During the journey, we were all standing on a beach. I could see this vision very clearly. I could see my Guide on the beach with us. He told everyone that there was a treasure in the sand for us. I watched as they all looked around and picked up their treasure. Then I saw my Guide pick something up out of the sand. He walked over to me and held it out. He was holding in his hand a little Matchbox-sized SUV. Holding his palm out flat, he said, “This is for you, but you must accept it.” I shrugged and said, “Okay, I accept.” Then he handed it to me.  

We finished the journey, and I didn’t think much of it, even though it was unusual for him to address me during a class for others. And it was strange to get this gift from him, but like with all my work with him, I have a wait-and-see attitude. So, I waited to see what it meant over time. I hadn’t been shopping for or trying to manifest a car. So, I gave it no more thought.

One week later, my ex-husband called me out of the blue and said he wanted to buy me a car. Then he sent me a photo from the dealership, and it was the exact car that my Guide, White Eagle, handed me in miniature during that vision on the beach.

Spirit had never given me something I hadn’t asked for before. That experience made me dig deeper into all the ways Spirit will help us manifest.

Their role is to help us have the life that we dream of or a life that is even ten times better than we could dream of having.

In other words, we can choose any path we like, live any way we want and hold any belief system. If we ask them, they can escort us along the way, anticipating and providing what we need before we even ask.

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All we need is an acute awareness of our hidden beliefs and an understanding of the ways of Divinity. Then, being escorted by Spirit to make your life free of barriers and clearing the pathway to the life of your dreams is easy to do. It is also what Spirit’s dearest wish is. Spirit wishes for you to live a life of joy. Not a life of devotion or sacrifice, not a life of service or solitude. A life of joy.

Their wish is for you to live a life of joy, and their job is to help you do so.

Yet, since the first Sacred Law is the Law of Free Will, they cannot supersede your desires. If you have a hidden desire to do something out of spite, jealousy, or harm, they cannot overpower that and will not support it. You need to understand your intentions and dig deep into what they are, to know if what you asked for is out of alignment with Sacred Law. If your will is blocking your desire, Spirit cannot take the lead. Your will is the law of the land on Earth.

Spirit can only do what we allow them to do for us.

In other words, this may not work if the wounded ego is in the way. Because of all the unknown blocks in the subconscious, this straightforward request for an escort through life can become complicated.

So let’s get into it.

Although I cannot give all the practices and insights to help you do this in a single article, I can offer a class. It will include all I know about manifesting with Spirit, and we will get new information directly from my Guide.

“Manifesting with Spirit Guides to Live the Life of Your Dreams”

We start on Tuesday, April 4, at 5pm Pacific time. In one hour every Tuesday for 6 weeks, you will get all you need to know to manifest with Spirit to live the life of your dreams. We meet on Google Meet using a link or a phone number.

An early registration discount is in place through March 21! Only $150 for the entire 6 weeks.

From March 22 to April 1, the fee is only $220 for 6 weeks! No new registration will be available after April 1.

To register, send the fee through PayPal or Venmo.

With, send money using

For Venmo @janetkadow 6198664405

These class sessions are recorded and sent to all participants the next day. So if you miss a class session, you can easily catch up!

Contact Janet with any questions or for more information

6198664405 (call or text)

Different Ways of Channeling Spirit

Getting messages from Spirit holds different power depending on the medium through which they speak.  
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Getting messages from Spirit holds different power depending on the medium through which they speak.  

For a spur-of-the-moment question, I might ask them in my thoughts as I go about my day to help me with something. Like, “help me get there on time.” Then, I allow my attention to settle and wait to see if there is any response or advice that comes through to help. If not, I know to continue what I am doing, and they will assist me as I go. If they respond in casual mode, it will be more like a thought whisper, such as, “turn right before your usual turn.” This may be barely noticeable for most, but being disciplined in awareness helps to make this a clear answer.   

When asking in meditation, it can be an answer that lights up all my senses. A visual image in full vivid color, with a strong feeling of energy, communication in the form of powerful knowledge, and my guide’s voice coming through with clarity. It isn’t hard to get into this state once you give it time and attention. Nurturing your senses to grow and settling down long enough to awaken your awareness is a matter of practice. Like learning to sing or swim, it is a natural ability that needs some honing.   

Then there is live-channeling. This is when I am awake but allow my Guide the use of my being to connect and speak through me. It is not as bizarre as it sounds or as movies would make you think. It is a blissful feeling that blends my mind, my heart, and my voice with Spirit. The feeling of it can be intense at times, and Spirit can hesitate to find the right words to convey the energy of the messages. When I am live-channeling, I can feel my Guide’s responses. Sometimes, I can feel when he is searching my mental field for the word that holds the power of what he is wishing to convey. With that he can choose the sound that holds the precise energy of his meaning. Occasionally, I can see an image he shares to show me what he means in answer to the question. At times, I can even feel an overwhelming love for the person he is speaking to. When I am live-channeling, it can feel like I am him. As a bonus, after channeling this way, I feel a big shift or blessing in my energy field that heals me.   

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Then there is writing. I am not talking about automatic-writing* here.   

To channel and write messages is like taking dictation. Channeled writing is a powerful gift. Being able to see what messages and information can come through while recording it on paper can give any novice channeler the confidence to share the messages. It is written proof of divinity by virtue of it not being at all like their own writing. I recommend writing what comes through for all my students new to channeling. Write down what comes in. Wait a few days, then read what you have written. Then be amazed.   

The other way of channeling Spirit is for more complex questions and deeper wisdom. Asking then waiting. This is how I get information on the Sacred Laws and the Laws of the Universe. For teaching that is very foreign to my life experience and more complex, I ask about it like a prayer in my mind. Then I wait and see what answers come over time. The answers may come upon waking up in the morning, in meditation, or just a sudden download of insight. Getting it in download form is like getting the entire concept of physics in an instant, and I must take time to incorporate it. Getting answers to the mysteries of the universe or deep esoteric topics may take days, weeks, or even years. After that, it will take time to understand what I have been given.   

For example, I had been taught by my human teachers that Spirit prefers and almost always answers in the affirmative and not the negative. Spirit hesitates to say ‘no’ because it stops energy and is not life-affirming. But I had one teacher who taught the Law of Non-Interference. This is an especially important Spiritual Law that must be understood and followed by any spiritual practitioner who is serious. Yet, since Spirit does not communicate with negatives, and ‘non-interference’ is a term that holds the negative ‘non.’ I wondered what the non-negative term for this law is.  

This was just the beginning for me getting immense information on the Sacred Laws, which have come to me over time. What I got was that non-interference is under the Sacred Law of Will, which we may be more familiar with as the Law of Free Will. This is the first law that I am shown and is the most important and impactful for those of us working with Spirit to keep our karma clear of harm and to keep us from unintentionally harming others.   

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Asking this question led me to profoundly essential information I have seen nowhere else. But being patient with when and how the answer came to me was as important as asking the question. And over time, this practice has given me life-changing insights and access to ancient wisdom.   

Channeling takes many forms. I believe and have seen the impact it has on lives through all these forms. I also believe we all channel from time to time without even knowing it. 

I love to offer more of what my Spirit Guide, White Eagle, will share. We are doing an open forum Q&A live-channeling presentation on Thursday, February 23 at 11:30amPT/2:30pmET on Google Meet for $22 for you and a guest! Two-for-one event! Bring a friend and bring your questions! (60 to 90-minute duration) 

Send $22 via Venmo, 6198664405, @janetkadow or to PayPal In the notes to the payment, let me know the person you are inviting so I can add them to our event.   

More about me at Please contact me at 6198664405 (text or voice) or email  

*Automatic writing is for those who are what I call physical mediums and have the gift of Spirit moving objects through them. Automatic writing is not a practice in awareness. It does not use the psychic senses of feeling, hearing, seeing, or thought. It is unique and requires the medium to allow Spirit to use their energy to move objects. This is not my gift. For those who are not naturally physical mediums, they can do this, but it takes a great deal of patience, and they will find there are easier, more efficient ways to get messages from Spirit. 

Healing Gifts for the Holidays

Taking a bit time to refresh with healing and messages will bring in the New Year right!

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A little healing goes a long way! Intentionally being in the presence of Spirit for healing brings you into balance, aligns you with your desires, and brings peace in a time of chaos. We can release what has been holding you back and open the way to what is coming with this special healing with Spirit.

In a gentle 20-minute phone session, you will have a connection with Spirit that allows them to move all the old barriers, blocks, and wounds and bring in vision, manifestation, and blessings. White Eagle and I have been doing this work for 20 years, and it is the first time I am offering it as a stand-alone session. Quicker than a massage but goes deep into all levels of being, releasing what is not supportive of your path.

Spirit can take all your burdens from this year, early life, and even past lives. This powerful experience is created by Spirit at the time of your session and is unique to you. You will be given a recording of the session to work with as needed throughout the year.

I’m exclusively offering this gift as a New Year’s special to be purchased by December 31st but can be used anytime thereafter. ONLY $44 for a single 20-minute session. Venmo 6198664404 @janetkadow or PayPal

How About a Reading?

Getting a reading to map out your 2023 is an amazing way to start!

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Every New Year brings new possibilities. It is like being on an open plain with every direction available. Getting a reading takes all the potential before you and guides you toward joy.

Spirit guiding your way brings you in alignment with the blessings and gifts that you have not even been able to fathom yet.

My New Year’s reading with White Eagle is like a compass to show the way. We also map out the year with Tarot for each month.

You will get a recording of the messages and a photo of the cards picked to keep track of your year as you go!

These are 30-minute readings that are information rich. I’m exclusively offering this gift as a New Year’s special to be purchased by December 31st but can be used anytime thereafter. ONLY $80 for a single 30-minute session. Venmo 6198664404 @janetkadow or PayPal

May 2023 bring you all you have been praying for and even more blessings than you can imagine.

Interruptions, Blocks, and Barriers, Oh My!

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Starting a consistent meditation practice is one of the hardest things I have ever done. When I began my spiritual path, I tried several types of meditation. The meditation I settled on to try was simple. I read it in a book and was happy it did not require the mental disciple of some esoteric traditions. Instead, it was a guided journey into the heart. The heart is the seat of all the wisdom of the universe and the center of you. I was very interested in getting all the insight there. So, I made a sacred space in my home with an altar, incense, sacred items, and representations of the elements, and I sat before my altar to settle and breathe. 

That would not last long.  

The phone would ring, the husband would need to find something, and the baby would cry. And on and on. Everything got in the way. My frustration grew to the point of almost giving up. Almost. But before I admitted defeat and looked forward to quieter times in my elder years, I made one last desperate attempt. I made a vow, aloud, to the universe, myself, Spirit, and whoever was listening: “I am going to do this no matter what.” And I meant it.  

I mentally reviewed all the worst-case scenarios of what could happen while I did my few minutes of meditation. And I thought I would not stop even if there were an emergency. I would not stop even if someone were bleeding on the floor. I would not stop even if I got a call about the demise of a loved one. I would not stop even if my home were in flames. I would continue my meditation. I would complete it to the end, no matter what.  

Then the next time I sat down to meditate, there were no interruptions. No calls, no husband interrupting, no baby crying. Nothing. I could sit in silence and seek out the universe’s wisdom hiding within my soul. It was like magic. I have not been interrupted during meditation since, and that was over 20 years ago.  


I have thought about this a lot. Why did this work? I work with so many people that are changing their lives. With each change comes a barrier to cross.  

Two common energetic barriers can get in our way when we try to make a change of personal habits or more significant changes like career and relationship changes.   

With non-spiritually based changes, it usually is the universe barring the way. With everything we do, every place we put our energy and attention, we are conversing with the universe. So, if we give our attention to something we do not want, then that thing will keep coming into our lives. If we change it up and start giving our attention to what we want, we can make that positive change.   

For example, you may want to eliminate coffee from your daily habit but previously have given coffee a lot of attention. You may find after eliminating all coffee from your house, people will offer you coffee, send you coffee as a gift, and so on. Coffee becomes in your face and on your mind constantly, just when you are trying to stop the habit. You must be strong enough to think of something else and consistently divert your attention from it to tell the universe you are no longer interested in coffee. 

The above is a simple example, but there may be something you can think of you tried to change, and it felt like the universe was conspiring against your change.   

It is not a ‘test.’ It is simply the universe’s response to the previous conversation that you loved coffee, and the universe always provides. However, it takes a while for the universe to catch up to the change we are making. Therefore, when you change to not wanting coffee, please do not give it any attention; keep focusing on your new daily habit of tea or your replacement beverage. The universe will eventually get the memo, and you will no longer constantly have your past desire for coffee in your face. 

The power of the universe is fascinating and extraordinary and is more than just the Law of Attraction. Universal laws influence our lives, and we can work within the laws to create a different life once we understand what they are and how they work. But for now, know that making mundane changes is a matter of giving attention to the things you desire and not the things you do not.   

Mundane changes like career and relationships are small potatoes compared to shifting consciousness. Or consciousness is made up of many aspects, but the one typically in charge is the ego. The ego has controlled us for our adult lifetime. Many of us have made our life choices to support what the ego wants. If the ego wants status, we will go for a career that will give us status. If our ego thrives on low self-esteem, even if we want a status job, it convinces us we are not worthy of it. The ego can call the shots, from what kind of car we drive to who we marry. When the ego is in charge, it controls us and stops us from following Spirit.  

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Meditation is often the first step to being guided by Spirit. Unfortunately, this shift upsets the ego. When we start a meditation practice, it is not just the universe we need to convince, but we must negotiate with our ego to ensure that our lives will accommodate it.   

The desire to follow Spirit usually happens before we have dealt with our wounded selves. Our childhood traumas, abuse, or neglect, are held in the ego, making it extremely hard to negotiate with an ego hanging on to control. The ego holds on to wounds and uses them to stay in power.   

I did not know any of this when I started my spiritual practice. I just wanted to find the wisdom to heal my sorrows.   

My wounded ego was not having it. My ego was none too pleased to be ignored while I sought to pay attention to Spirit, my intuition, or my soul in meditation. So, it created barriers, external and internal. The interruptions and distractions were an attempt to keep me from listening to a voice other than it.   

Not knowing what was going on, I took the hard line and let my ego know I was serious. I convinced myself it did not matter what my ego did to stop me; I would not stop. Therefore, I got to meditate in peace.   

After meditation, the ego still showed up to negate everything I did with plenty of snarky comments and examples of how foolish I was, but the teaching on how to deal with that is a chapter for another time.   

For now, ask yourself: Are you willing to shift into the power of spiritual guidance, or do you want your wounded ego to continue running your life?   

If you want Spirit to be your guide, are you willing to make this change no matter what?

by Janet Kadow, @janetkadow,,, 6198664405,

Monday Messages with White Eagle

We meet this Monday (10/24/22) for messages that will shift our perspectives and can even change our lives. We may discover the hidden meaning behind events and take another step forward on the path of our heart’s desire.  

We will gather on Google Meet (via the app, link, or phone) at 1pm Pacific Time/ 4pm Eastern Time.

White Eagle loves interacting with the curious! Bring your questions!

This is a Q & A with my Spirit Guide, White Eagle. He will first share a message for the group and then give a personal message to every attendee.

Getting a reading from Spirit is different from any other type of reading. It brings an energy of unconditional love that heals, awakens, and inspires. When I channel White Eagle, it creates an energy field to open the heart and ease the mind, so the soul begins to remember.

It can be an awakening experience for those new to the path and those on their path for decades.

This is an open class for all! Please join us!

Monday, October 24, 2022, at 1pmPacific Time/4pm Eastern Time. (Duration is 60 to 90 minutes estimated)

$22 sign up via Venmo or PayPal @janetkadow 6198664405

I may record the session in part, i.e., the opening statement. Yet, any identifying information of the attendees will not be subject to public use. I ask all attendees to agree to the confidentiality of our group.

Sign up by Sunday by 11pm PT.

The link and call-in information are sent out to all those who signed up on Monday morning before 11am PT.

Contact Janet with any questions at 619-866-4405

The Sweetest Moment

This will just take a moment of your time

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Giving Myself a Break

When I started a regular mediation practice, I didn’t know what I was doing. I just needed a break. I desperately needed a moment to myself where I could just be and breathe.

Here is a quick rundown of my life at the time. My son was still just a toddler at three years old. I had had a recent bilateral mastectomy and was going through chemo. I was working full-time. I visited my mother twice a week in her Alzheimer’s facility – she was beginning the later stages of the disease. My husband (now my ex-husband) was going through a severe depression. If I hadn’t taken these moments to go within, I don’t know how I could’ve gotten through it. I believe taking these moments kept me from having a full-on breakdown.

I didn’t want to reach nirvana, be more spiritual, calmer or have any goal in mind. I just wanted a break. So I started to take those breaks in the slices of moments between other moments in life. The spiritual path may not be for you but having a moment to yourself is for everyone. It may become the sweetest moment of the day for you. It demands nothing of you. It requires no special training or discipline. It is simply a moment to breathe and be.

I can’t remember where I got the idea or if my guides (ever at my side even before I knew they were) were prompting me with inspiration.

This later became the foundation of my teaching. My students were people a lot like me with young children, jobs, and family demands of all sorts. So I taught them this meditation method and a way to make the time for themselves that they had been denied for years. No matter where you are in life, you can do this, and with just a few minutes a day, you can find the peace and strength to keep going through all of life’s worst difficulties.

A Time & Place for You

How can you make time for yourself when even going to the bathroom is not without interruption?

Take a moment to think about your day. There are pockets when you are not interrupted. At first, for me, it was the car. It was the only time I was truly alone. I would drop my son at daycare and go to work. I could park at work and wait. Taking my moment in the parking lot. I trained myself to sit in the car before jumping out. It was hard to break the habit of rushing into work, but with practice, I reminded myself to turn off the engine and just sit. I could do the same on days when I wasn’t working at the grocery store parking lot. If I forgot to do it in the morning, I could do it when I got home before leaving the car.

I still have the muscle memory habit of not getting out of the car immediately once parked. If this could work for you, I recommend it as a great starting point.

For many of my students who didn’t leave the house daily, the bathroom was their spot of solitude; if even that was impossible, they could take a moment in the shower. Find the place where you can just be and breathe.

The Moment Belongs to You

Now that you have the place and know the times you are usually in that place, what do you do there?

Nothing, my friend, just do nothing. For five minutes, just let your mind wander. Just breathe. Just settle. Just be. Try not to move or fidget too much but if you need to, let it happen. Do not put your attention anywhere but wherever it wants to go. Let your mind have a moment to run free. You may at first find your mind to be very busy. Let it be busy.

You can close your eyes or keep them open. You can listen to meditation music or sit in silence. The object is only to allow yourself time to do nothing. Give yourself the gift of nothing. No need to achieve a goal, do a chore or help someone. Your boss, your child, and your spouse aren’t there. It is just you. You are with yourself. All you need is to be silent in stillness with the power that is you. If you like, set a timer to keep from worrying about the time, and let yourself be.

Spending Five Minutes with Yourself is Life-Changing

Don’t believe me? Why don’t you try it for a week?

For seven days, use those slices of time to be silent and still with yourself, letting your mind wander and just being you. That is okay if you can’t do it every day in a row. Even skipping a day or two, will still be effective in helping you. Once you have done it seven times, think about how you like it.

How do you feel about it? Do you look forward to it? Is it yet another ‘have to’, or is it something you feel you need? Let it go if it is yet another thing on your ‘to-do’ list. This is not meant to add daily pressure. On the contrary, it is intended to relieve the pressure. So keep it up if it feels like an oasis of respite from the harsh daily demands of living.

You will never regret taking this time. After being present for you for a bit, maybe a few weeks, you will see how your life changes and makes room for you. Even if you already do a structured and disciplined mediation practice, I recommend allowing the mind to do as it wishes for five minutes daily. It is a beautiful experience.

Your world shall shift into a place of ease with each moment of silence and stillness. * @janetkadow * * 619.866.4405

Ascended Life with White Eagle

White Eagle will tell you the story of his soul’s journey from lifetimes past.

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The story of his lives. These stories will be like no other teachings he has done. They shall reach back into ancient memory, showing his growth into ascendence. They are the stories of how he learned to guide the force of love through the violence and chaos of external powers and the despair of internal conflict. We will hear how he evolved from an ordinary person into an Ascended Master in each life so he may show you the way of mastery.

What does it take to ascend consciousness and walk through life in the sweetness of grace? We have the potential to live as the ancient masters did. The avatars of divinity who could defy time and space, manipulate the laws of physics, and save the starving with mana from heaven. They were the healers, the holy ones, and the teachers that became voices showing the future. They show what the future is like when humanity reaches its potential. The Great Masters have said, “I am doing nothing you can’t do.”

You will see the way to your transformation by hearing stories of ancient ceremonies, personal sorrows, and desperate journeys that made White Eagle an Ascended Master. You will listen to what he learned as he sat in the presence of sacred teachings with holy ones of eons past and learn how to apply these gifts in your own life.

He will speak in detail about what he learned from the master avatars throughout the ages. Ceremonies from Dianic traditions, healing techniques from the Andes, and the course of his spiritual awakenings throughout every incarnation.

He walked with Christ, the Peacemaker, and other ascended wise ones from every continent. This is the first time he will be sharing stories and ancient ceremonies with the public. 

In turn, it may ignite your own memories of times when you too sat with holy ones in ceremonies to learn the ways of the masters. When you too had gifts of healing, miracles, and divine power. The memories you have suppressed to fit into the social structure of your birth culture. These memories your soul has kept safe and hidden from even your own awareness. These memories lie in wait for the perfect time to emerge. Now is the time. We are coaxing them out and welcoming them to be seen again as we hear of these sacred experiences White Eagle shall share.

Join us! As White Eagle brings the beauty and wisdom of storytelling around the fire to our modern world.

*NEW* You can join one evening at a time!

Not sure if this will be for you? You can join us as we go and pay per class session! Just sign up by the Saturday before the class you wish to enroll in. $40 per session use Paypal, Venmo, (@janetkadow biz acct.)

See info below for signing up for the full course or 4-week blocks!

This is an extended series of live channels with White Eagle. We will have 3 blocks of 4 sessions each. The sessions will last about 90 minutes. They will be recorded, so you do not have to be present in every class. There will be an open Q&A at the end of the story for discussion with White Eagle. Class participation is encouraged.

We will begin on June 13th at 5pm Pacific Time/8pm Eastern time on Google Meet. No video connection is required. You can join us by phone, Google Meet app, or link. The recordings will be sent out the day after the session via email in mp3 format on Google drive.

The first block dates: June 13, 20, 27 and July 11 (sign up due date June 11)

The second block dates: July 18, 25, August 1, 8 (sign up due date July 16)

The third block dates: August 15, 22, 29 and September 12. (sign up due date August 13)

Each block is $123 to be paid by the Friday before the start dates. You can do any of the blocks of sessions without doing the others.

If you would like to do all 3 blocks and pay at once, there is a discount and early registration bonus price of $350! But you must sign up by midnight June 11.  

Let me know if you would like to use Paypal, Venmo, (@janetkadow biz acct.) or Credit Card for your sign-up., 6198664405 (call or text)

This is the first time White Eagle has publicly shared his stories, so I have very little information about them at this time. I will be listening and learning with you all, and I am thrilled to take the adventure of his lifetimes with you!

Check out White Eagle’s first published story, “Meeting at the Lake” on Substack.

The Powerful Art of Channeling

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Beginning January 3, 2022! A comprehensive class to teach you everything you need to know about channeling the highest wisdom and healing from Spirit. For seekers with all levels of connection to bring clarity and profound healing on your spiritual path. This class is for you if you want to channel for personal growth, get powerful new information to share with others, and/or enhance your healing power.

Why do we channel?

Channeling the ancient ones, the ascended ones, and the angelic ones to bless and guide our spiritual path awakens us to the infinite wisdom of the ages. These Divine beings will teach, heal and guide you to the life you have been hoping to live.

Spirit Guides are healers, teachers, and seers from other heavenly realms. A Spirit Guide can be of your soul lineage and be known to you as an ancestor. You may have a Guide from the Angelic realm. Guides can also be former humans who once walked the Earth and mastered life in the physical world. Finally, Spirit may show itself to you like an animal who shapeshifts to honor you with specialized wisdom.

Your Spirit Guides in any or all these forms hold the essence of Divinity, what I consider to be ‘next to’ God the creator, and must follow the Sacred Laws, working in harmony with Love, Truth, and Divine Will. Whatever form your Spirit Guide takes, know that it is one to help you in your life at every turn, in every stage of your life, and for everything you need and want.

What does it take to have clear and consistent communication with your Guide?

Know that you are already connected. We are all born with a connection to Divine Spirit. Yet, our life experiences, traumas and wounds, and ego development keep us from awareness of Divinity. For most people, the link to Spirit Guides is primarily unconscious.

This course will help you have clear and unmistakable communication with Spirit. If you already communicate with Spirit but want to get more out of their messages, go deeper and get more profound wisdom. If you want to grow to confidently share messages with your clients and students. This class will give you all you need to know to make your connection the best it can be.

You may be struggling to get more consistent and deeper communication with Spirit. This class will also give you the tools to get new innovative channeled information, utilize their healing powers for yourself and others, and become a teacher of their wisdom through writing and speaking.

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What kind of person do you need to become to be an excellent channel for Spirit?

The answer is any type of person you want. But you must know a few things to align with their energy, adapt to their wisdom, and be open to receiving without filtering the extraordinary messages and energy they can offer. They have no demands to fulfill to make you good enough to communicate with you. They do not need you to do anything or be any type of person for them to be of service to you. So the shift you must make is not about being good enough to channel them it is about being open enough to allow the channel to grow.

Spirit only wishes to assist you. However flawed you are, however dysfunctional your life may be, whatever you do that is harmful to yourself or others, makes no difference to their desire to help you or communicate with you. To them, you are perfect. They love and serve unconditionally. So whatever you want to do and however you wish to behave is O.K. with them.

They are at your service. If you are unhappy or unhealthy, you may ask Spirit to guide you to simple ways to build a life of happiness and health. If you are unsatisfied with your career, they may inspire you with new ways to have a fulfilling vocation. If your relationships are in dysfunctional cycles, they will offer new ways to approach your loved ones and bring new relationships that bring healthy connections into your life.

Once the channel grows, you will learn to use the information with integrity to get revelationary, profound, and deeper insights.

For this, we will work with the Sacred Laws, some simple structured practices to connect deeper and ways of shifting to harmonize with Spirit. As we work through the 12 weeks of “The Powerful Art of Channeling” course, you will find they can help you with all of the above and more. Your life will never be the same once you open communication with your guides in integrity and non-judgment.

If you are interested in becoming a professional channel, this course will teach you how to get previously unknown information that will transform the lives of your audience. If you work with clients for readings and healing, you will find your insights and energy has a new level of power you were not utilizing before. If you want to teach others to channel, you will learn all the connection aspects to help your students.

Exploring the power of channeling is an exciting adventure to embark upon with humility and respect. Understanding how to use this power by following the Sacred Laws ensures that you are always clear in intention and communication to serve the highest good of all who seek help from you.

Channeling without training or understanding how the Divine beings operate can be detrimental to our well-being and even cause psychic burnout.

Anyone can channel, and everyone has a link to Divinity, but can be vulnerable to wrong information and non-divine beings interfering with the connection. This is more common than you think! I have created this course to assist all who connect with Spirit to keep their connection with Divine Spirits clear and supported by their extraordinary unconditional love.

Join us starting January 3, 2022, for a twelve-week course in The Powerful Art of Channeling.  

You will learn

*How to open to Spirit and discern what is them and what is ego.

*How to connect in a variety of different ways, signs, messages, and mediation, full-body connection

*How to get beyond simple messages and get in-depth, detailed information

*How to ask the right questions the right ways

*How the sacred laws affect the answers you get

*How Spirit can heal yourself and others

*How to teach others to channel

*How to write channeled messages for articles, social media, and books.

*How to be sure you channel your spirit guides and not a hostile entity.

And more…

January 3 – March 21 once a week on every Monday for 12 weeks.

5pm Pacific Time/8pm Eastern Time via conference call.*

Use PayPal QR code (below) and fill in $350 or search @janetblessings

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The last day to register is December 31, 2021, for the regular prices listed below:

$350 to register by 12/31/21 for all 12 weeks

$123 to pay for 4 weeks at a time due the Friday before each 4-week block

$40 to pay per week due the Friday before each class.

This will be the transformative journey of a lifetime.

Contact Janet: Phone and Text 619-866-4405 EMAIL

*All Sessions are recorded in MP3 format and are sent to registered students the day following class. You will have daily practices and weekly email check-ins you can get weekly private support sessions at a discounted rate as long as you are in the class ($40 per 30 mins). This class is designed for all levels. It will help those of you who have a good connection but need help getting great information, for those who need the motivation to keep your connection consistent, and for those who don’t think they have a connection to Spirit but really want one.