Private Psychic & Mediumship Training

Develop the Psychic the psychic abilities you want, on your schedule, in the privacy of your own home

No other psychic course is as comprehensive, flexible and personalized to help you quickly and easily embrace the psychic power within.

Training in the psychic arts can be applied to all areas of career and life.

Professional leaders, healers and artists as well as those who simply long for enlightenment and direct knowledge of spiritual Truth have experienced the benefits of this program.

The results you will experience will empower and transform your life!

Building Intuition * Tarot * Psychic Readings * Accessing Past Lives * Mediumship * Channeling Spirit Guides and Angels * Psychic Healing Techniques ~ and MORE!

Let’s get started! Call NOW 

You get 2 private sessions monthly, MP3 recordings of the sessions, easily applied practices that fit into your busy life, and personal attention that tailors the training to your needs and abilities!

Easy RATES for all!

ONLY $123 Per private hour session

~ OR  ~ ONLY $220 Monthly, 2 sessions

~OR~ ONLY $550 For 3 months, 6 sessions

~ OR ~ Get 12 Sessions (6 months training) for only $998!


Voice & Text: 619-866-4405  

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