Spiritual Training, Psychic Gift Development, Channeling, & Healing with Spirit

Awaken to a new level of consciousness, powerful gifts of healing, and get access to the ancient wisdom of the universe. You can develop the gifts you were born with and create a deep connection to Spirit!

Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova on Pexels.com

Psychic and intuitive arts are not just for divination but can awaken you to your potential. Human potential has yet to be realized. It is time to grow using your soul’s natural gifts. We will open your channel to the heavenly beings of light, enhance your intuition to phenomenal accuracy and teach the power of healing with Spirit.

Discovering the incredible gifts you already have using them with integrity is the next step in the evolution of human consciousness.

This private training is tailored to help you grow in the way most natural to you and the way that ignites your heart with joy. Spirit guides us on our journey through life; now you can consciously get inspiration and wisdom through them as often as you wish.

With your psychic senses, you can learn past lives, mediumship, channeling, divination, tarot, and building accuracy in predictions. You can also learn the lesser-known gifts from Spirit – healing the past within your heart, mind, body, and soul.

This private training is flexible to your schedule, intention, and inclination. Each session is one hour long, and it is recommended to have one session every two weeks. You will have a practice between sessions that takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes three to seven days a week.

The sessions are done via phone and recorded, so you can use them to review notes or repeat mediations at your leisure.

Easy RATES for all!

ONLY $155 Per private hour session

ONLY $280 Monthly, 2 sessions

ONLY $850 For 3 months, 6 sessions

ONLY $1500 For 6 months, 12 sessions

For Paypal, use the QR code to send the desired amount or search @janetkadow.

For Venmo use the QR code to send the desired amount or search @janetkadow 6198664405

Contact Janet call or text 619-866-4405 email janet@janetkadow.com

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