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janet 23It is time for you to get a great reading!

Psychic readings with Janet!

Get your reading with Janet ONLY $123 for 1 hour! 

Comprehensive, powerful and life-changing, these readings are guided by spirit to bring you the best guidance for living the life you want.  

1-hour session $123

30 – minute session $90


Voice & Text: 619-866-4405  

skype: janet.lightstone

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During your reading Spirit messages and psychic visions are filled with insight, clarity, guidance, and love. With the use of Tarot, Spirit Guides, and psychic gifts we bring you the answers that serve your highest good and help you on the path to your highest potential! 

“Within the first few moments of our first conversation I connected clearly with her energy and what I experienced was a gifted psychic and channel bursting with pink light, the energy of love and pure heart. She has crystal clarity, integrity and kindness but she will tell it like it is.” ~ K.S., Laguna Beach

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are excited to share their wisdom and to be of service to you on your sacred journey of life.

“The information that Janet gave me felt true to me and helped me immensely. Since talking to Janet, I have had a huge transformation. I have clarity on my vision for the future of my career.” ~ A.A., Ashland, OR

Janet’s readings activate a change to create your future into the future you want!

“Before the reading with Janet, I felt lost about becoming a professional healer. Through Janet’s practical guidance, I am now living the life I always wanted!” ~ B.R. – New York, NY

Overcome relationship dysfunction with family, partners, and friends and find the love of your life! 

“Janet and her guides helped me leave a toxic relationship and predicted my life partner to a tee! Following her advice brought my love into my life! Thank you, Janet!” ~ D.G., Sedona, AZ

Need a new home or job? Janet and her guides can help!

“I left my husband and had no job, but still needed to purchase a new home for me and my kids. Through Janet’s guidance, I was able to find the perfect home and it was exactly as she described it!” ~ S.K., San Diego, CA

“My boss was awful, and I wanted a way to work from home. Janet helped me find a way and even get more income.” – B.D., Baltimore, MD


No psychic readings, evaluations, sessions or e-mails are intended to be, and must not be taken to be, the practice of medicine or law. All readings are strictly confidential and are not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice. All readings are conducted with the understanding that each individual is responsible for their own actions, past, present, and future. Accepting a reading from a reader on this site is an agreement of personal responsibility for all actions taken.