“My exceptional psychic and psychic trainer Janet Blessings. Thanks to my training with her by phone for six months last year, I was able to further liberate my intuition and establish more fluid communication with my Higher Self, clients, energy in general, and my spirit teachers in particular. As a result, I have gained confidence through positive feedback from several introductory intuitive counseling sessions I’ve done, and I have now set a fee and am charging for my readings.Janet is one of the best readers I have encountered — for her positive energy and joy, as well as for her comprehensive perspective and clear messages from spirit. And if you want to improve your intuition, she will provide exercises, processes and an overall training program individually tailored for you and your intention.”– Allen P., Los Angeles, CA

“I called Janet because I was feeling confused about my career. Since moving to Oregon from San Diego, I did not know whether I should do workshops, make another CD, change the formats for my private sessions or write a book with my husband. The information that Janet gave me felt true to me and helped me immensely. Since talking to Janet, I have had a huge transformation. I have clarity on my vision for the future of my career. I’m jumping out of bed in the morning. I’m laughing, hugging and being playful with everyone. I’m excited about work. I’m no longer pushing and feeling stressed-out. Her reading was not only truthful for me but it was incredibly loving and caring. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better.”– A. C., Spiritual Teacher

“The spiritual communication skills I learned from Janet have already proven to be invaluable to me. Not only has my personal spiritual growth sped up exponentially: Friends now turn to me for help in ways I never thought possible. I’m so much further on my road to self-healing and self-realization so much faster than I could have dreamed. My life long goal of being a Healer is coming true. And it’s so simple, too!”– Becky, San Diego, CA

“Janet helped me to unlock the door to a whole new world of communicating with my guides. Most importantly, she showed me that I had the key all along! She makes the journey easy and accessible to all that are open to it. What Janet taught me has changed my whole life–I feel connected to Spirit in ways I always wished I would be and yet I never imagined I could be.”– Jennifer Dyer, Psychic

“Since working with Janet, I have learned to recognize my “inner voice” and have trust in my own strengths. She gently points me in the direction I already knew I needed to go in, but some how the stress of change lessens with her guidance and reassurance.” – Michelle, Escondido, CA

“I am a psychic and a natural born channel and I call Janet for readings when I need assistance and affirmation in my own journey. Within the first few moments of our first conversation I connected clearly with her energy and what I experienced was a gifted psychic and channel bursting with pink light, the energy of love and pure heart. She has crystal clarity, integrity and kindness but she will tell it like it is. She is a gifted psychic and channel of the highest calling!” – Kym, CA

“Janet’s method of teaching one how to communicate with your spirit guides was effective, fast and personal. In one session, I was able to see one of my spirit guides and gained a sense of comfort and understanding that I am truly not alone.” – K. M., writer

After only a month of working with Janet, I am doing remarkably accurate readings. It feels so validating to know that my abilities were not imagined and so enriching to be using them everyday. If you have any inkling to encourage your psychic abilities, I highly recommend Janet’s Psychic Arts programs. The journey will bring you joy and a deeper understanding of your essence and your life. In addition to enhancing your life, you will be able to use your psychic powers to help others. “– J. Z. So. Calif.