Readings with Janet and White Eagle

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Getting a reading is a sacred act. We use sacred divination tools and ask our Angels and the Ascended Masters to guide us, setting the stage for transformation.

Getting a reading is a healing experience. Every time we connect with Divine beings, they help us heal and relieve our troubles.

Getting a reading is transformative. These readings are not just fortune-telling or predictions. We will help you have what you wish in your life and give you the guidance you need to get that or even better.

Getting a reading is an awakening activation. The more open we are to all possibilities, the more we awaken our potential. Getting a reading allows Spirit to make way for new levels of awareness to guide you on your spiritual path.

My guide, White Eagle, and I do readings together. He assists in what comes through to help you along your path to your highest potential and supports you in love. He brings the energy of healing and protection throughout the session to help guide you through Truth with joy and ease.

We would be honored to give you a reading and help you on your way. Please contact me to make an appointment.

Phone: 619-866-4405 Text 619-866-4405 Email

30-minute Session $110

1-hour session: $155

75-minute session $195

90-minute session $220

2-hour session $265

15-minute Session $60

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