Channeling Party

 “When talking to your guides it is important to remember that Spirit will tell you what you need to know and not necessarily what you want to know.”

I say this sitting before an amazing group of women in the home of a friend who has invited me to share my teaching with her friends and friends of friends. In this comfortable setting the lights are dimmed and the candles flicker. The fresh smokey scent of sage fills the air. I’m here to teach them how to talk to their spirit guides. The women surround me on comfortable pillows and chairs, excitedly waiting to speak with their guides at last. I feel a denseness in the air as I tune out the enthusiasm of their guides who are anticipating the connection, so I can complete my short lecture, get to the demonstration, and then watch the miracle.

I remember how hard it was for me to learn to channel. I voraciously read books by channelers and mediums. Then I finally found one that gave me some practical information on the technique. I practiced and practiced. It took me months before I felt a strong clear connection. The biggest obstacle was my own distrust of myself! I became aware of the fact that doubting myself was my greatest enemy. I would work hard to make a connection then trip myself up by doubting the information! Only when I finally gave up on judging and prejudging did it finally work for me.

“Relax and trust, let the information flow, even if it seems totally bizarre or if it sounds like itís just your own thought; speak it and allow it to flow.” I encourage the group.

Some of the women already know how to communicate somewhat with their guides, and know a bit about them. They are there to learn more and forge a stronger connection. Some women arenít even sure they have spirit guides. They will be.

I have taught many to channel and everyone’s experience is unique. When first learning this simple method some will see images, colors, even animals; while others hear, or feel, or just know. What they have in common is that they are learning that the veil between the worlds is really very thin and we only need to open our awareness a tiny bit to feel the vastness of the love that surrounds us, yet we have been unconscious of our entire lives.

“We are here to hold your hands and help you walk,” is the message from my Guide. “As a parent holds the child’s hands reaching high above it’s head, we help to hold you steady.” I notice this group gets a completely different message than the last group I taught, and I am fascinated. Each workshop is as unique as its participants. “This is not an ability meant to be used to get all the answers; not a crutch to become dependent on. We will not spoon feed you your life. We are only advisors, you are the Ruler.”

The women pair up and take turns connecting with their guides. After a short meditation each one of these seekers finds answers and the tools to get more answers when they need them. Lives are changed. They get closer to spirit. The abilities that were once only available to the highest spiritual seekers are now here in a suburban living room, learned by a new type of shaman and medicine woman. The modern average person is now embracing mysteries and becoming her own master, mystic and seeker.

The miracle is that everyone makes a connection, gets a message and is empowered. I am amazed that those I teach don’t have the difficulty I did. It is as natural as learning to walk, or swim. It is an innate ability we all can use, and only need remember how, because we have forgotten.

Janet Lightstone 


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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.