When Spirit Guides Are Wrong

Many professional well-known psychics have been mislead by their Guides. When your Guides are wrong consider the following as a new perspective on the messages you are getting from your Guides. 

Sometimes even White Eagle doesn’t give me the real deal, but when that happens I know it is because it serves me on a different level then just getting an answer to predict the future. 

When I discover that what my Guide told me didn’t occur then I remember my intention. My intention in all cases when reading for myself and others is to receive messages that help us to reach our highest potential. And that intention is my fail safe that keeps the messages coming in with clarity from the highest beings of light. I know when am doing a reading I am going up the road to actualization and empowerment. But, that doesn’t mean I get the actual true picture, the Guides are tricky that way.

Probable reasons for not getting the real deal from your Guides:

1. You are becoming too dependent on their answers and are not checking in with your own intuition to validate. Check with your heart center and the Tarot to get clarity. That is why when we first start training we do the intuitive reading first, then check with Guides. If your intuitive answer is different, then the ‘wrong’ message was a lesson in personal empowerment. 

2. The outcome they predict could be wrong, but they have shown you the outcome you desire to keep your vibration high to manifest the outcome you are wanting.

3. They don’t know. The future hasn’t happened yet! The outcome is still not for sure, so they make their best guess. They have a great perspective. They can see further down the road than we can, but when there are potholes in the road there is a question as to – if we will see it and swerve in a new direction, or if it will cause a flat tire, or if it will not effect us at all. They do their best to answer the question with all the probabilities considered. 

4. Our belief system will only allow in certain information. Think of your mental attitudes and beliefs as a box. Even when we are very open minded we still do not have the expanded consciousness to accept all Truth from Spirit, our box is too small for that. So they give us part truths or semi truths to expand our box of beliefs, but it may not be the whole picture. They give us messages that will help empower us to expanded awareness through those beliefs.

5. Consider how you asked the question and if the question was clear. They can be very literal. Be certain that you are asking a question that will get you the answer you are looking for. If you want to know when you are getting a pay raise and the answer is “Monday,” Then Monday comes and goes and there is no pay raise, you may want to ask which Monday they are referring to!

Our Guides are compassionate, loving beings whose messages raise our vibrations and expand our awareness. The messages are not for intellectual dissection, but for personal empowerment and healing. I know that no matter what White Eagle says during a channel the shift in awareness is happening, healing is activated and we are co-creating a joyful path on Earth. 




Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

2 thoughts on “When Spirit Guides Are Wrong”

  1. Hello can you help me know who my spirit guides are would you be able to tell me there names and how many i have
    and what they want me to know

    Thank you from Sharon Marie Dyson
    i live in New Zealand.

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Yes! I can help with that. I can either do a reading to talk to your guides or teach you how to do it yourself. I am working out an on-line training course that may help you and will be easy for you to do via e-mail since you live in New Zealand. Although I do have international students that train with me over the phone, so that is an option too.
    Let me know what you would like to do. We can set up an appt or you can do the online training.
    Contact me at 619-405-1110 or e-mail: janetlightstone@yahoo.com

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