Psychic Hot-Line Secrets

I’ve worked psychic hot-lines and I’ve called psychic hot-lines. It was a great experience for me to work with a variety of clients but it could be very difficult as well. As a client calling psychic hot-lines for pressing questions I’ve gotten some great readings and some not so good readings.

I’ve outlined some things below to consider if you are interested in working on a psychic hot-line, and some things to consider if you want to call one for a reading.

Everything You Need To Know About Psychic Hot-Lines

Points To Consider For Working A Psychic Hot-Line

Practical Considerations To Check Out Before Signing Up:

  1. Do you need a dedicated phone line?
  2. How much do they pay? Many hot-lines pay about 15 cents per minute, some pay as much as 50 cents or a dollar a minute. Some pay more the longer you keep the person on the phone – I caution you against this type of pay-scale.
  3. How many hours a week do you need to be available for readings? Some want you to be available for at least 20 hours a week. These are 20 hours of not necessarily being paid. You only get paid per minute when you are on a call.
  4. The hours of being at the ready for a reading have to be dedicated to just that. You cannot take other calls, go to the market and you’d better take the phone in the bathroom with you when you need a potty break.

Types Of Clients To Be Prepared For:

  1. People that get readings via hot-line are paying by the minute and they want answers fast.
  2. Generally they are interested in two things – “When am I going to get paid?” and “When am I going to get laid?” In other words they want to know about money/career or soul-mates.  Occasionally they will want to know how their biopsy will turn out. If they are asking a health question always answer with caution. You are not a doctor and cannot diagnose a physical condition – not even pregnancy – and especially do not predict a death. Death is totally up to the person dying, offer up suggestions on how the person can be helped.
  3. You need to have thick skin and not be attached to how the information is received. If they don’t like the reading or if answers take longer than a few seconds to come in – they will hang up.
  4. Your callers may not be spiritually attuned and do not understand the ‘big picture’ of what is going on. Like saying “these are life lessons” or using terms like that will be lost on them. Many are looking for a fortune teller and do not want a lecture on how to improve their lives.
  5. Some callers have already had many readings on the same topic, and they may argue with you if you differ from other psychics. Be confident in what you get and do not be influenced by what other readers have told them.

Points To Consider When Calling A Psychic Hot-Line:

  1. They are expensive. It sounds good to get a short reading to pay $10 for 5 minutes but 5 minutes goes by fast and your questions cannot be answered in nano-seconds. Some hot-lines charge up to $6 a minute because they are endorsed by a famous psychic. Be aware that paying more may not give you a better reading.
  2. Some hot-lines don’t screen their readers well and you may get a very bad reading without any option for reimbursement.
  3. Be cautious of psychics that say they can remove curses or bring your love back to you. These are scammers who will most likely ‘see’ that some one has put a curse on you and charge you $500 or more to remove the curse. If you really feel that you are under a curse or that you are targeted by a psychic vampire –go to a reputable healer recommended by a reliable source.
  4. Don’t call many hot-lines or spend time asking many psychics the same question over and over.  After your reading trust that Spirit has given you your answer and allow it all to unfold. You can get a second opinion, but then it’s time to wait and see.

Although I feel my experiences with psychic hot-lines have been valuable I would not work for one or use one again.

As a psychic I choose to have clients who are interested in deeper readings that can effect positive change in their lives and found that doing readings and charging per hour or half hour to be more beneficial to the client. We can go deeper and explore the issue to create an outcome they desire. I also prefer to work with appointments and feel my schedule is more balanced and my energy is less scattered.

As a client, the psychic hot-line is more costly than getting a reading with a sole- practioner that is charging less than $200 an hour, and it is easier to connect and schedule appointments for follow-ups with a psychic who has their own practice. I like to have the relationship established with the person who is helping me through life’s troubles, just as I like to have a relationship with a doctor or mechanic.

May all your readings be great ones!

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Janet Kadow

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