How Do I Know All This Stuff?

It has been a very busy past few months for me. I haven’t been very active writing articles here but there is a good reason for it.

I have been working to help out my teachers. Those that have really honored me with the wisdom that I pass on to all of you. Spirit has lead me to these amazing people because I asked for teachers of integrity who could take me to the next level. I learned much from books and my Guides, but there is no substitute for the person in your life that can hold you through the process of growth with loving care.

The teachers I am speaking of are part of Sisters of Honua. They are the true wisdom keepers who have been gifted their wisdom from the generations before. I give my heart to these women who have held me in my darkest moments, who have taught me what it is to be a true teacher, and shown me how to allow the student to teach themselves, and that most of all the student is the true teacher.

I am indebted to them. The Lightstone Academy would not be here without them.

In gratitude I am the organizer of an event called “Day of Miracles”. Which is taking place in San Diego in June 6th, 10am to 4pm.

It is a huge honor for me to do this for these amazing women. It fills my heart and makes me richer than I ever imagined. This event will raise funds to help them get their teachings out, and in some cases keep them warm in the winter or help with medical expenses. Many of our wisest teachers, find themselves in financial difficulties at this time. We join our hearts so that they may be held as they hold us. They are my most cherished resource.

Many of us Lightstone Academy Members have joined in to honor our Wise Ones. Raja, Jennifer Masters, Melinda, Hannah, Zara, Bradley, Talia Morales. We invite you to join us.

The Day of Miracles is a fundraiser that is so much more. It is an offering of healing sessions, and psychic readings with the best our community has to offer. Our guests will not only be giving a great gift to our teachers but recieve gifts that will change their lives. $50 pays for 3 sessions, lunch and entertainment.

Please join me, and sign up today or tomorrow (registration ends tomorrow, May 31st midnight). If you want to come but if you are late registering just let me know. Send me a private e-mail with your intention to come, and I’ll see if I can arrange it.

If you can’t come offer up your support by hitting the “donate” button at the bottom of the page Any amount, even a dollar, sends your energy and light to them, and they are blessed by your gift. When our elders are blessed we are all the richer.

Hear the interview with Kaliani on 88.3 about Day of Miracles:

88.3 Day of Miracles interview

Ukehi (We are grateful)

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