Conversations With White Eagle

Lightstone Academy member, Helen, has asked White Eagle to participate in her series of videos called “Ask an Entity”.

Here is the first installment. It covers the topic of the environment.

There are many more to come on topics of the economy, government and 2012. Check back for weekly additions.

Uploaded on 4/30/2009

Uploaded on 5/6/2009

White Eagle on the Economy.





6/09/09 – About 2012 and the End of the Mayan Calendar

6/16/09 Shifting Consciousness

6/24/09 Message from White Eagle about Earth Changes

7/1/09 Earth Changes and Time

7/6/09 The Dimension of Time

7/15/09 About Channeling

7/23/09 About Animals

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Janet Kadow

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One thought on “Conversations With White Eagle”

  1. Thank you White Eagle for addressing the sense of stepping out of time in series 10. It is part of the ascension process as I understand and nothing to be concerned about, rather an experience to be enjoyed.
    Also thank you for addressing Trust, and the release of fear and doubt. I will indeed ask my Spirit to help me embrace the experience of Trust… as you said the more trust we experience the more we evolve.

    Namaste, Phoenix

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