Time of Illumination by White Eagle


We use intuition whether we are aware of it or not. We are in constant communication with our higher consciousness, through our psychic senses, and with our connection to Spirit.

It is through the higher senses that we are guided by Spirit and shown foresight to our actions. Only those unconscious of their own thought process – being deaf and blind to the information that is coming into their awareness –  dis-believe that they have higher senses, or intuition. This is not a judgment, only a statement of the reality of being aware or not aware. The reason that meditation is touted as a spiritual practice that enhances your intuition is because it is during meditation that we become aware of our own consciousness and can utilize this awareness to have an understanding of how our minds and higher senses work. Thus we learn how to pay attention and comprehend the activity behind the veil of illusion.  A simple practice gives an astounding gift of Wisdom. 

For the past couple thousand years, the dominant guiding force of humanity has been the ego/mind which reinforces the belief in the illusion. This has been called the Age of Reason. The Age of Reason is coming to an end and winding down its hold on illusion, thus creating confusion in those who rely on illusion for their understanding of the world. This is an unfortunate state for many who are falling into chaos due to the denial of spiritual power within themselves and as a force guiding humanity into the time of illumination. 

This new time of illumination is the Age of Intuition. Many who are trapped in illusion which is only a denial of intuition and the Spiritual, are finding that their worlds are shattering around them; losing jobs, marriages, homes. The outer trappings of the world that they have based their identities on are no longer there to uphold their illusion of Self. When the illusion shatters, and if there is no other insight to True Reality these losses create chaos. From chaos comes depression, fear, anxiety, even suicide. 

Spiritual practices create an understanding, a wisdom, beyond the illusion which supports you through times of loss. When Spiritual practice is in place, the illusionary realities created by the mind/ego do not have the power to pivot the Self into depression and despair. Spiritual practice such as meditation, prayer and connection to Spirit, support and guide through the darkest of circumstances and bring a knowing that help is on the way and we are never ever alone in any moment. Having this knowing in the very center of your heart is a major step in going beyond the illusion to Truth. Once we see Truth fear has not place to reside. Chaos cannot feed if there is no fear. Trust becomes a way of life and all doubts are but a memory. 

Welcome to the Time of Illumination and the Age of Intuition. 


White Eagle


Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

2 thoughts on “Time of Illumination by White Eagle”

  1. ‘This time my lips will sing my own songs….’ I shall trust my quiet inner promptings… trust, trust, trust… and let shine the inner, brilliance that is each one and everyone’s truth…

  2. In re-reading this, I was made more aware by Spirit about how beneficial the Star Blessing/’Opening’, will be for myself personally… it appears that for me it will serve as a much needed ‘clearing’ of some remaining lower frequencies that seem to be blocking reception/transmission of higher frequencies….
    I apologize if it appears as though I’m repeating myself, but as I turn each ascension ‘corner’, my awarenes is heightened and what meant one thing a moment ago has now added/amplified meaning….
    In gratitude, Phoenix

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