Why to NOT be Psychic

Being mindful of when you are turning on your senses to feel into a situation or person is key to having a clear connection with Spirit.

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“Why to NOT be Psychic” audio version by Janet Kadow

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It has taken years for me to perfect not reading people, not tuning in to people, and not psychically checking in when I am worried about someone. Now, my boundaries are clear and I have an abundance of energy and clarity when I do a reading by request and permission. There is nothing I can think of that is more intrusive than someone psychically reading you without your permission. Those who are untrained and undisciplined with their gifts read people unconsciously.

I don’t psychically read people unless we are actually in a session and only on topics that are brought up. So if there is something going on with you, you need to tell me, no matter how close we are, I will not know about it unless you tell me.

If there is something you want to hide from me, it will always remain hidden. I can’t dive into your secrets without your knowledge and permission.

Why would I not want to know if someone I love is in distress or needs help? Why would I regulate my psychic senses to such an extreme? Why would I not use my gifts to help people even if they don’t ask for help?

The primary reason is that it depletes my energy every time I use my psychic senses if I don’t have intention or purpose for using them. This will drain me to exhaustion. Going to the store, a party, or a concert can exhaust psychics, because they are very busy tuning into others and get depleted just by the power they use to do this.

The next reason is the Law of Reflection, which is like karma but subtler. What I do to others I allow done to me. I have no defenses of being read against my will if I’m psychically snooping around other people. Whatever protection you have in place to keep your energy field clear is compromised every time you sneak a peek at someone else. You will not only be susceptible to another’s psychic spying, but you will also be vulnerable to picking up all kinds of negative energy because you have compromised your defenses.

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The third reason is that I will most likely be wrong. The chances of being wrong when psychically tuning into another without their request and permission is very high. I have never had a random reading about me be accurate. I have had very well-meaning people say they have a message to give me without my request. In those unsolicited readings I have gotten dire warnings about my future or some ‘important’ advice. They were always wrong.

If you are being a very busy-body nosy-rosy and interfering with your well-meaning not-so-sage advice then you are breaking the Law of Non-Interference which holds karmic consequences. This is the fourth reason I do not read others without their permission. If I get a psychic ‘hit’ and tell the person about it who has not asked for my help, anything they do in response to that is on me. I could have possibly just interfered with the very important part of their life path, and now I have to deal with it. How that manifests is anybody’s guess, but I think it is better to not take on more karma to deal with.

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The final and most important reason not to have my psychic button on “ON” all the time is that breaking the Sacred Laws makes it more difficult to align with Spirit, with the Guides and with the Angels, making access to the highest wisdom elusive. Personally, I want to always have access to truth, wisdom and love as much as possible. This is important for my behalf and for my students and clients. I must be impeccable in my integrity with the Sacred Laws of Non-Interference and the Law of Free Will, and be mindful of the Law of Reflection, to get the information that will help us all live up to our potential. Without getting information like that, what good are the psychic senses, anyway?

Being mindful of when you are turning on your senses to feel into a situation or person is key to having a clear connection with Spirit. Keeping your psychic senses to yourself, being aware of those energy boundaries and how you are focusing energy is the first step to building on your gifts.

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