From Awakening to Ascension – The Path of Mastery

How we progress on our spiritual path from seeker to wise master has always been a fascination for me. As with most things, I asked my teachers in Spirit for insight on this topic, and they gave me what I share with you here.

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We are in an incredible time of awakening. I hear many speak of ascension, becoming five-dimensional beings and having enlightenment. We are on an accelerated path to higher consciousness, but we must be cognizant and have respect for the process of ascending to the promise this time holds. There is a great deal of discipline to master, and many things yet to know so that you may fully embrace the potential this time has to offer.

Below are the levels of awareness and mastery that we each pass through to embody the vision and potential of ascension.


Instinct picks up energy through cellular receptors to signal dangers and potential dangers. We naturally use it when we are in unfamiliar surroundings to get a sense of the place and if we are safe there. Most people claim to have and utilize instinct. It is a common trait among all life on Earth to help with survival. However, instinct can be enhanced or ignored by conscious thought.


When we pay attention to instinct, we can develop it into intuition. Intuition can give us more information than instinct. While instinct will tell us if we are safe or not safe intuition can tell us if the energy is supportive or not supportive. Intuition tells us if there is tension in the room, what mood someone is in, and is attuned into subtle signals and changes in the energy field. By paying attention to our intuition we begin to develop our receptors through more pathways than cellular. We can develop an extra heightened awareness of feeling, hearing, knowing, and seeing and utilizing them for more information. Many describe their intuitive senses as ‘having a feeling’ or ‘just knowing’ what is being made aware to them. Trusting your intuition helps to build your psychic senses.


While instinct will tell you if the place you are in is safe or unsafe, and intuition will help you sense if it is supportive or not supportive, the psychic sense will let you know what will happen before you go into the place. The psychic senses can jump through time and space to predict the future. It is like sending a time traveler ahead to scout the energy. Without training and discipline, the psychic senses may pick up random signals that can be confusing like a radio antenna picking up static. With discipline and training the psychic senses become more reliable and accurate leading to a profound awakening.


Once the psychic senses can be relied upon as accurate, we can awaken to a heightened state of being. In this state of awareness, we may connect with places and beings outside of our physical reality. We can do this through altered states of consciousness such as meditation and journey, and we can connect with other realms such as the angelic realms, the dimensions of the star nations, and of course, connect with our Spirit Guides with ease. Being guided by wise masters of other domains and getting the keys to the mysteries of the universe requires not only to trust in the accuracy of your psychic sense but acute self-awareness and understanding of your beliefs.. When we gaze into the wonders of the heavens, our lens must be clear and not clouded by judgment or confined by what we believe we should see.


After embracing our awakening and being guided by the masters of wisdom we may experience enlightenment. Enlightenment is an experience that brings awakening into being, creating a life of ease, trust, truth, love, and joy. Enlightenment may come as a moment of insight and beauty. Enlightenment is a state of being that must be experienced. It is a knowing that fills the entire being and all levels of consciousness from the cellular level to the soul level and every part of being in between. It may last only a second, but that is long enough to bring about healing to consciousness. Sustaining enlightenment as a permanent state of being is not common, nor is it necessary for mastery.


Mastery comes after enlightenment has infused all levels of being with understanding, knowing, insight, and the wisdom of not only the mysteries of being but a profound self-awareness. Mastery is obtained by a deep connection of all that is and by learning and following the Sacred Laws, as do the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms, and the Star Nations. We become masters through implementing the Sacred Laws into our daily lives, diving deep into self-awareness, embracing our psychic senses, and releasing confining belief systems. Masters know how to create miracles, live in synchronistic harmony with all of life, and love without constraint or condition.

As we embrace this time of possibilities know that we are not doing this entirely on our own, our Spirit Guides and Angels are here to support and help us every step of the way.

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