You Already Know the Best Healer

Hubble Serves Up a Holiday Snow Angel by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

When I started working with my guides, it was because I wanted to connect directly to the source of divine wisdom. A way for me to understand my own spiritual path and be guided on it without the go-between that religions offer.

I see them as ‘next to’ God. Not being God, they are easier to relate to, converse with and get help from. To me, God is a very big and difficult thing to comprehend, so having an individual being to connect with is much easier. Spirit Guides are like friends that have walked with me throughout time. With every step and stumble, everything I do to sabotage myself, and harmful things I may have done, they are there to help me understand and redirect me back to the path of ease with gentle love and kindness. 

I found that my connection to receive their wisdom was also a pathway to receive their healing.

Many modalities work with Spirit to create healing, but to me, they are not more effective than asking for healing from my own guides. My guide has taught me about healing, clearing chaotic energy, and staying protected from toxic energy.

As we are now in the holiday season, I can think of no better time to offer healing with Spirit weekly to keep your energy clear and balanced as things get busy. We will also be releasing blocks and old patterns to prepare you for the coming year. 

Weekly Wisdom & Healing with White Eagle

Monday sessions for healing, clearing and balancing for the holidays

1pm PT/4pm ET weekly until Monday, December 19.

One-hour meetings for healing with Spirit and messages of wisdom to keep you clear and balanced through this busy time of year.  

We have been through eclipses that have the potential to create great change in our lives, but if we cling to old patterns and cycles, we can unconsciously block the potential happiness coming our way.

Join us for weekly clearing, healing, and balancing sessions with your Guides designed by White Eagle to support you on your path and make the coming new year the best it can be.

Through working with your Spirit Guides, we can find healing and clarity of vision for our lives moving forward into 2023.

Join us! Every Monday for six weeks on Google Meet this Monday, until Monday, December 19.

Pay $22 for each session as you go on the Sunday before the meeting. This is an open class for all! Please join us! (Duration is 60 to 90 minutes estimated)

$22 sign up via Venmo or PayPal @janetkadow 6198664405

Sign up by Sunday by 11pm PT.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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