Interview on Blog Talk Radio

I’m interviewed by Jaqueline Foreman on “Your Mental Health” Radio program on Blog Talk Radio.

I was guided by Spirit to listen in and when the scheduled guest didn’t show they prompted me to call and help out :-).

The show begins with her trying to connect with her scheduled guest who is talking on the topic “Psychic Developement for Beginners”. While waiting for her guest to show Jacqueline discusses her work in geneology and some pretty gruesome details of murders. If you want to skip that part and just hear when I join in I have uploaded it as an MP3 download. Click here for that version:

Interview with Janet Lightstone by Jacqueline Foreman

If you want to hear the whole thing from the beginning click here:

Easter Message from White Eagle

“If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” John 20:23

Back in the time when I walked the Earth with the Great Master Jesus, there was much concern over sin, very few knew of their personal connection to the Divine. Personal connection to God was a radical concept in that day and place. The concept of sin was a way for authority to impose guilt, shame, and fear in the people in an effort to impose control.

It is a common Christian belief that Jesus was free from sin because he was the Son of God, therefore he could forgive sins, and, it is believed, he even died for our sins. Yet the concept was not conveyed in the way it was intended. Instead we shifted from one structure imposing guilt, shame and fear to another. Now we live in guilt, shame and fear because we cannot possibly live up to the perfection that Jesus personified.

Jesus was free from sin, but not because he was perfect – he was a man, and subject to personality traits that can be conflicting just like the rest of us – he was free from sin because he knew that sin did not exist. He knew that God does not judge us, condemn us or punish us. He ‘forgave’ sins because he knew they were not real. He did his best to abolish the concept of sin by living in the light of his own Divinity, as the Son of God.

But I tell you, you all are just as Divine as he. Just as you are, right now. You are all the Sons and Daughters of the Great Divine Being who created, and is living, throughout All That Is. There is no thing in Heaven or on Earth, animate or inanimate that is not God. The heart of God beats in your body, flows through your rivers, pulses in the sand, and ignites the stars.

By speaking the words of Truth, he absolved our sins, by being the Light and the Way, he absolved our sins, by knowing the Divinity inherent in humanity, he absolved our sins. He did this to demonstrate that sin is an illusion of ego. Through the example of forgiveness, he was able to demonstrate unconditional Love for himself and all those who knew him when he walked the Earth as a man, and for all who know him in their hearts since he took Spirit flight.

Even though Jesus was aware of the illusion of sin, he was still mindful of his actions. He was well aware of his power as a human walking on Earth. He utilized that power by tapping into the energy of Love to create his every miracle. That is all it is. Love creates every miracle.

Therefore, I ask of you be your own savior, forgive yourself your sins, forgive yourself of all you have done and judged as bad. There is no good or bad – only cause and effect. A simple concept of physics: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” You are as perfect as he in your imperfections, in your humanness, and in your Divinity. Be the Light and the Way, not by preaching, but by being an example of pure self-forgiveness and unconditional self-Love to show the way for all those trapped in fear.

When you forgive yourself you forgive all others and you forgive God. When you see the perfection of God in your imperfections – you honor the Divine source of all life. Start with you, and the rest ripples out into the multi-dimensional universes. You power is infinite. Honor that power.

Be in Love with every moment of your life.

White Eagle

Interview With Jesus and St. John

NEW! – Ask White Eagle and Yeoshua your own questions at:

White Eagle (St. John) and Yeoshua (Jesus) will be together channeling live at Controversial Bookstore, North Park, San Diego, March 27, 2009, 7pm to 9pm. RSVP: 619-296-1560 $25

Q: Why are you two channeling together?

Yeoshua: We wish to come together at this time to express our shared vision of peace and love in this world. We like each other tremendously and enjoy the levity we can bring to a channeling. This is not all meant to be serious, you know? This can be fun too. There is far too much seriousness in your world—in our world. So let’s enjoy the sharing of knowledge and make it fun. We are best friends and this friendship continues in spirit as well. Let us make a place of community to share these spiritual principles for daily living.

White Eagle: We wish to bring messages of Divine Energy and its practical use in daily life, and we do this together to magnify the potential effect of the message. One can create change but two can amplify the effect of the change. It is our deepest desire to connect human hearts as we two are connected, coming together in this way gives an example of this connection for all to see, feel, and experience for themselves.

We each have partners in different aspects of our lives. We have partners in business, love, family, friendship. We wish to show that in Spirit there is partnership as well. Partnership, co-creation and co-operation are the key energies right now. We bring messages together to support this energy.

Q: Why do you choose different names to be called than the names when you were incarnate as Jesus and St. John the Divine?

White Eagle: I choose to be identified as the energy I carry, one aspect of me was incarnate as St. John but there are many, many other aspects to me that are revealed through the name White Eagle. It illuminates my nature and vibration in a way that goes beyond the single identity of St. John .

Yeoshua: Yes, this is an interesting question. Yeoshua is a different way to spell my name and yet it was prounounced this way in my time on earth. It is a more informal version of Yeshua. I like it better and it is what my friends would call me. And you are all my friends so I wish to use it now.

Q: What can you tell us about the historical story of Christianity and how it is changing?

Yeoshua: Yes, history is being rewritten with the truth as more and more studies and research and artifacts are being found that contradict the stories found in the Bible about the original teachings of mine. There is much to be corrected and this is why we are coming through at this time. Mistakes were made in translations and pieces were lost and not replaced. Whole gospels are missing that are extremely important. So, these must be found and included as part of the entire set of teachings for Christianity so that the foundation can be made whole. It is not whole now.
We wish to see more and more people question what they’ve been taught because it is only in the questioning that we can truly know what our heart believes. This is what I wish for you to find. What do you believe in your heart of hearts? And follow this intuition to find your next set of teachings or principles that you are ready to hear. This is the only way to follow on your spiritual path. Do not listen to just one. Listen to many so that you may question what you believe and what you don’t believe. Share your thoughts with others and debate them and listen to other’s points of view so that you may have a clearer picture of what it is that you believe. Do you understand? Good. I hope so. I hope you will follow the path of your heart. It is the only true path we all share.

White Eagle: History changes, the past changes, it evolves as we do in vibration, perception and understanding. Nothing is written in stone, not even the past. The past can define who we are and where we have been, but that definition changes as time passes. Your childhood looks quiet different from different age perspectives. At age 10 it is a different experience than when looking back on it at age 20. Then it even changes more as we go through each stage of adulthood.

The past is not stagnant, and our perception of what has occurred in the past and what is Truth will change at the appropriate time and stage of our evolution. Christianity has gone through an evolution of sorts as different ‘truths’ come to light. Yet how can we know the entire truth of what occurred 2000 years before? We can only know, understand and integrate what we are ready to accept in the present.

The story of Christ, Apostles, Scriptures and the writings that are the basis of modern Christianity are going through an evolution to awaken understanding just as we are. What comes to light now in this time of change is in perfect alignment with humanity’s awakening. Use your discernment when information is revealed that creates fear, anger, distrust or victimization. Value the information that brings a light-ness of being. Know that the only Truth is of the Light!

Q: How will these changes affect humanity?

White Eagle: It is appropriate to see the past differently when we are different. We are very different from where we were 1000 years ago when Christianity was creating its theology and dogma. Yet, parts of humanity are still subconsciously defined by these conceptions, and as these new Truths are revealed so will the collective subconscious be altered in it’s perceptions of the reality of religious doctrine. We are very excited for these changing times and the effect they will have on the belief systems in the western hemisphere.

Yeoshua: These changes in history being rewritten will lighten up the vibration of us all. Even if just one person gains greater knowledge of their divinity, then there will be a change towards peace in the world. So, every person counts in this transition to peace. Every person who turns towards the light instead of away from it, becomes a powerful trimtab for change and peace. Let us each strive to be a trimtab in our own communities.

Q: Why did you choose the topic of “Spiritual Principles for Better Living” for your channeling on March 27th?

Yeoshua: I think it is only in the daily living that we achieve spiritual growth. Opening up to the divine part of ourselves is a process. It does not usually happen overnight although it can. Usually, it is a process not unlike the opening of a flower bud. There needs to be sunshine, water, and nutrients to even begin the development of the bud. Then slowly, the bud begins to open and it’s so slow it cannot be observed by the human eye. It is an invisible process but just because we cannot see it does not make it unimportant. The invisible things in this world are THE MOST important. Would you not agree that love is paramount? And yet, it cannot be seen or measured. I would have you think upon this.
Anyway, yes, daily rituals help you to move forward in this process of spiritual awakening and change. They can sometimes help the most. Because if you make it a habit then you will meditate or give thanks even on those days when you don’t feel like it and that is the time when you most need to do it. So, if you make it a daily ritual, you can often keep yourself from falling into old patterns of thinking before they take hold of you again and cause you to spring back into your old self—the old self that does not recognize its own divinity. I find the practice of principles in everyday life to be one of the most important things we can teach so I wish to start there.

White Eagle: It is important to understand how to apply spiritual living to day to day experiences. How can we truly understand the essence of spiritual truths without having an experience to bring into our cellular knowing? Many of us have had traumatic experiences that have been embedded in our DNA, these experiences can be released by re-learning a new way to live, a new approach to life that will clear the past traumas and create harmony with yourself, your relations and everything in your world. Changing your perspective, and through that new perspective, you can create a different response which will bring a wisdom and that becomes embodied in your physical well-being.
New Mind + New Action = Wisdom, Peace and Well-Being.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to conclude this interview?

White Eagle: It is a great honor to bring these messages to all of you to awaken the Divine that is you. Remember that when you release all limitations on what is possible you create a life of pure limitless potential. The past can change, your past can change, and humanity’s past can change – through a new perspective, opening awareness and accepting the wisdom that is within you.

Yeoshua: We wish you all to come to this special channeling event. Everyone who comes will begin to feel their divine flower open more widely than it has ever felt before. You will feel healed and complete if only for the few hours that you reside in the bookstore used for the channeling. If you wish to feel uplifted, please join us. We would love to meet you there. God bless.

Yeoshua will be channeled by Melinda Pajak and White Eagle will be channeled by Janet Lightstone

Just say YES!

The Cosmic YES!


The great I AM is a ‘yes’.


The ever present presence.

The Now.


Being in the moment.

The gift of living harmoniously with All That Is.

It is a simple YES.

It is nothing more than a shift in your thinking into alignment with what IS.

When you say ‘yes’ to what is, you are connecting harmoniously with the energy of Life, Earth and the Universe. You automatically release judgment, fear and resistance. You are surrendering into the flow.

Practice saying yes to all of the problems in your life. Practice saying yes to the entirety of your life situation. Practice saying yes to those whom you have conflict with. Yes, I am not perfect. Yes, I have bills to pay. Yes, I am afraid. Yes, I am worried. And say yes to the blessings in your life. Yes I am loved. Yes, I am supported. When we say yes we are in agreement with what is before us and no longer resisting truth.

When we no longer resist truth a new truth is revealed. A new truth that opens the doorway to the resolutions we cannot see with the blocks created by resistance. Blocks of resistance create illusion. ‘NO’ is denial and creates illusion. How many times have we seen friends or family members deny the truth that they are in trouble? How have they created the illusion that allows them to continue in a story that does not jive with reality? By saying no to their situation.

Addicts know that the first step to recovery is admitting to the problem. When they admit their problem they are saying ‘yes I am an addict.’ When they say yes to their problem, they are not inviting more of the same -which is what we fear when we say yes to difficult situations – but they are agreeing with the truth the Universe is providing in the moment. Once they do that they relax, illusion dissipates, awareness opens and they see the truth that presents many opportunities for healing. This is a universal truth that has been observed throughout history in scientific and esoteric studies.


Instead of saying ‘Oh No! My car has a flat!” say, “Oh Yes! My car has a flat!” See how that changes your perspective, helps you to resolve the situation without resistance and allows you to easily flow into true Beingness.


Just say YES!



White Eagle