Just say YES!

The Cosmic YES!


The great I AM is a ‘yes’.


The ever present presence.

The Now.


Being in the moment.

The gift of living harmoniously with All That Is.

It is a simple YES.

It is nothing more than a shift in your thinking into alignment with what IS.

When you say ‘yes’ to what is, you are connecting harmoniously with the energy of Life, Earth and the Universe. You automatically release judgment, fear and resistance. You are surrendering into the flow.

Practice saying yes to all of the problems in your life. Practice saying yes to the entirety of your life situation. Practice saying yes to those whom you have conflict with. Yes, I am not perfect. Yes, I have bills to pay. Yes, I am afraid. Yes, I am worried. And say yes to the blessings in your life. Yes I am loved. Yes, I am supported. When we say yes we are in agreement with what is before us and no longer resisting truth.

When we no longer resist truth a new truth is revealed. A new truth that opens the doorway to the resolutions we cannot see with the blocks created by resistance. Blocks of resistance create illusion. ‘NO’ is denial and creates illusion. How many times have we seen friends or family members deny the truth that they are in trouble? How have they created the illusion that allows them to continue in a story that does not jive with reality? By saying no to their situation.

Addicts know that the first step to recovery is admitting to the problem. When they admit their problem they are saying ‘yes I am an addict.’ When they say yes to their problem, they are not inviting more of the same -which is what we fear when we say yes to difficult situations – but they are agreeing with the truth the Universe is providing in the moment. Once they do that they relax, illusion dissipates, awareness opens and they see the truth that presents many opportunities for healing. This is a universal truth that has been observed throughout history in scientific and esoteric studies.


Instead of saying ‘Oh No! My car has a flat!” say, “Oh Yes! My car has a flat!” See how that changes your perspective, helps you to resolve the situation without resistance and allows you to easily flow into true Beingness.


Just say YES!



White Eagle


Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

One thought on “Just say YES!”

  1. I loved reading this so much that it convinced me to take the courses.

    Thank You.

    Ethel M. Jose

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