Your Heart’s Desire

White Eagle’s Message for Today

Following one’s heart’s desire is more than just selfish wants, it is of a higher vibration. Believe it or not. You may feel the desire for a new car, and it may give you satisfaction to obtain it, but there is a deeper desire in line with the path you have chosen.

As the flower wants the bee we are all programmed with these desires from the Earth Mother. It is part of her evolutionary path, and our sacred duty to fulfill the deepest desires of our hearts.

As we heal ourselves we come closer to listening to and understanding our hearts. As our pains and fears melt away we come closer to our Divine selves. Within our Divine self is the foundation for our sacred path. An imprint of what we came to do on this Earth. As we acknowledge and understand the desires of our Souls and follow the path of our heart’s desires the Earth not only heals but provides the means to obtain our desires. Why should the flower want the bee, only to have no bee to fulfill that desire?

It is said that all paths lead to God. This is true, no matter what you do you are fulfilling your purpose. Yet with healing and awareness you become a conscious co-creator of your Divine purpose. The awareness of self, of your life’s purpose, and your Divine path allows for the flow of Spirit to create a conscious connection to the All that Is. When we are unaware of our heart’s desires or carry fear and disallow that purpose to be seen, then we think our choices are mistakes, and we live in the misery of those choices.

I ask you to agree that you are on your sacred path, that your desires are there to be fulfilled, and that the Sacred Mother Earth provides the fulfillment of each and every desire you could have or ever will have. By Divine design the flower is the spectacular beauty that attracts the fulfillment of her desire; the bee is naturally drawn to her as she allows her radiance to unfold. You too, are the spectacular beauty that radiates the light that will attract the fulfillment of your every desire. You cannot help it, but through your pain, and fear, and woundedness you cannot see it.

 Only a simple shift of perspective is all that is needed. Let us agree now that your Divine light is an irresistible attraction to the fulfillment of all your dreams and just allow. Allow the fulfillment of all your dreams and desires to come to you spontaneously in gracious Divine order. Just as the bee miraculously floats to the flower, so too will every one of your heart’s desires be fulfilled. 


White Eagle

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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