A Laughing Matter

White Eagle’s Message for Today

Feel free to laugh at me, feel free to laugh at anything.  Laughter will set your heart free. Laughter is a greater release then expressing anger or any of the heavier emotions, but it can release those emotions too.


When we laugh at ourselves and our situations we release the frustrations of our day to day lives. We see clearly and open our hearts. Laughter creates a great connection to our relations. When you laugh with some one your heart connection is strong and clear.

To be hurt by the laughter of others is to be taking yourself too seriously. View your own absurdities, and see the humor of your actions. Delight in the mistakes you have made and release the tension you carry.

Humor helps us connect with our human-ness and laughter brings light-ness.

Spirit loves to play jokes and remind you that we are here to delight in our experiences. Ask your Guides and Angles to show you something to laugh at today, they will gratefully oblige.

Today is the day to laugh!


White Eagle


Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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