How to Find Your Car Keys

Some Academy members have trouble believing they are psychic because they don’t ‘see’ things. Many are feelers – their intuitive sense works by feeling which is called empathic ability.
Empaths can feel other people’s emotions. They can feel when some one they love is thinking of them or angry with them. They can feel the energy of a room and most don’t like being in crowded places and have frequent emotional ups and downs. If you have these experiences then you too may be an empath.
To me empathic ability is the most profound of the psychic gifts. Being able to feel an answer in the body provides the validation and assurance that psychics need to be confident in their answers.
Learning how your empathic ability works to get answers is the challenge for many empaths, but it’s really easy!
You can use your empathic ability to navigate your way through an unfamiliar neighborhood, feel if some one is lying to you  or even find your car keys.
Let me show you how to find your car keys:
Sit in the room where you think the keys are, breathe, get centered and release the anxiety of being late etc. Then ask to feel on your body what direction the keys are. You may feel a slight pressure. Then go in the direction of the pressure to the correlating place in the room. For example: if you feel a pressure in your left shoulder look in the direction your left shoulder is pointing towards (lets say it’s a bookshelf). Go to the bookshelf and you either see your keys or will be called to move something that is covering them. You will find them. I have found lots of stuff this way. Your body, your empathic ability, is the most reliable thing there is!
Try this on any object and you will be amazed at the results!
Janet Lightstone

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

5 thoughts on “How to Find Your Car Keys”

  1. I would do this when I had to go pick my daughter up from school. she never would answer her pager or give me an exact location of where she would be but I would walk in the school and just follow my “senses”. Found her everytime.

    1. You may not be an empath. For those who are more visual you can try sitting quietly, releasing all anxiety about the missing keys, and asking to ‘see’ with your eyes closed where they are. If you are an audital person ask to ‘hear’ with your innermind where the keys are. Every one has different psychic strengths. The most important ingredient is to release all pre-concieved notions, relax, and wait for the information to come to you. This may take a few tries and you can do it with anything. don’t give up, the trust in yourself is key to growing in your psychic strength!

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