How to Have Miracles Daily



The other night I had a conversation with a new acquaintance. When I told him what I did for a living, he wondered why any one would want to learn psychic ability. Seeing it from his eyes – I wondered too! (That’s my empathic ability coming in, I can easily adopt the energy and feel the opinions of those around me.) He thought that people were just born with it and that was that. In his opinion he didn’t see the use for it in everyday life.


I told him about the wonders of psychic ability and being connected to Spirit energy, but I was not at all satisfied with my answer. Later on I reflected on the question as I saw it through his eyes, and asked my guides to answer the question and make it clear to me. I wanted them to show me a practical applicable reason to be psychic. Why would any regular person want to grow intuitively? Is it practical? Is it a waste of time? Is it just another self-help answer with no substance?


Today I got my answer. I just got off the phone with a friend who is also a part-time medium. She couldn’t wait to tell me the news! She has been taking voice lessons and it has been a struggle for her over the past few months. She has been going for her dream but not feeling she has any natural ability as a singer. She’d show up at her voice lessons thinking that she was kidding herself. She knew she was showing up as a person who couldn’t sing, but couldn’t shake the belief. Then, over the past week, something miraculous happened. She let Spirit flow in her life. She started to allow her guides to help her, and her ability began a new evolution.  


They told her that as long as she is pretending that she is a person who cannot sing, why not pretend she is a great opera singer? A new Spirit Guide appeared as a dark Italian beautiful woman with a French accent. This new Guide taught her to step aside and get out of her own way. “Breathe, Cherie, let Spirit ride on your breath,” this beautiful Spirit prompted. With this coaching and more gentle wisdom from this mysterious dark Diva, my friend was able to release ego, struggle and attachment. Her voice suddenly had the purity and emotion she had longed for. Her teacher was amazed. She was amazed. Her teacher wanted to know what happened, how did this change occur? Her explanation told how Spirit had miraculously helped her in fulfilling her dream.


In a few short days, my friend captured the talent she thought she lacked. She trusted, she listened, she allowed the miracle to manifest. Her Guides answered her prayers! She developed her mediumship through patience, trust and love and – because she learned to listen to Spirit – she was blessed with a miracle and realized her dream.


The miracle I received was that my question was answered with a story that I could share, and any one can relate to. What is it that you want in your life- a beautiful garden, a happy relationship, a healthy body, to paint a masterpiece, to sing an aria, or just keep up a clean house? After few short simple lessons one of my students wrote an entire book by channeling her guide- and she’s already writing more!


I am happy to help you live your dreams, receive your miracles and help you to let Spirit be your Guide. With simple instruction any one can connect with their guides – even you!


May you live your Miracles!


Janet Lightstone



Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

7 thoughts on “How to Have Miracles Daily”

  1. Thank You Janet (and friends)! I too forget the miracles that occur when I ALLOW them. A truely beautiful example. I share joy in your friends “victory”. Thank you for what you do and who you are in my life. I am a better person for the work (gifts) that is provided at the Lightstone Acamedmy. For anyone who is sitting on the fence, not sure if you should join the academy, I would ask you “why wait?”. Start YOUR miracles now!


  2. Couldnt that just also be that she allowed herself to just beleave in herself. It seems to me that she had the ability to sing but lacked inconfidence. I beleave that the spiritual guide may have helped her gain confidence in herself. How ever it was a great story and I really did get inspired myself by the story

  3. Wow! What an inspirational story. If only all of us could get out of our own way, what other miracles could happen? And yes, I’m also speaking about myself!!! Ha-ha! If you haven’t had a lesson with Janet, you are missing out on an incredible journey. Come on and hop aboard–the bus is waiting! My adventure is in full swing.

    Thanks Janet for all you are and all you do,

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