From White Eagle 10.09.08


Our Mother Shifts


Deep awakening


Birth time emerging


Let fall binds of fear


Allow emergence of creation




Potential, Evolution, Wholeness


New World Complete


These are not just fancy words put forth to make you feel better about the collapse of institutions, this is the reality of life progression.


A desire becomes a creation when fully realized, so too comes a time of peace as we live in harmony with this evolution.


Disregard the habit of fear. Find the center of peace in you to embrace the changes. Some of you are already feeling the profound peace as others panic. You may wonder at it. “Why am I not worried?” You think to yourself.


This is because you are among those who have prayed for peace, who have been called to lead the way in our evolution, who have been carrying the knowing that humanity has been assigned to carry out better things.


You have a knowing deep in your heart that we are to live in a world of compassion and co-operation, to live in harmony instead of competition. This is the way you have created and you are only just beginning.



Consciously aware of it or not you have been living a life to co-create a new reality on Earth. Yet there is much more to be done and we are anxious to work with you on a conscious level.


We are very desirous to put forth more information, deeper wisdom and creative enlightenment. We are desirous to help you live through this tide of change with joy instead of fear.  


We encourage you to connect to spirit to consciously be a part of the next steps in evolution.


Now is the time to choose your path with visioning awareness instead of unconscious dreaming. We must co-create the wholeness together with you as an active partner.


There are many different ways to do this, many different ways to wake up and be the creator that you are.


Visualization, meditation, ceremony, prayer, intuitive acumen, journey, talking to your Angels, Masters and Guides, oracle readings.


Allow these things in your life to accept your role in this new world.


Receive the guidance we offer you without doubt or discouragement.


Know that your every action and thought can bring a world of peace into being.


You are not doing this alone, we are helping you.


Use your knowing to listen for the inspiration we offer in unconditional Love to move forward effortlessly. Your safety is assured, we are here to offer the help you have been praying for.


















You are the Light of my Heart,

White Eagle



Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

2 thoughts on “From White Eagle 10.09.08”

  1. Beautiful, just reflects what I feel, that beyond the drama, things will work for a better world!

  2. White Eagle has appeared before me today as I was doing a healing massage and Reiki for a client. The beauty and calm of his wise face and white feathers humbled me. I have never seen him before ,so I looked up the ascended masters and found your site ,which gave me alittle more information.Thankyou.

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