Message from The Star Nations

Question: What is the Star Blessing?

“The Star Blessing is a unique gift from Spirit. Never before has this gift been offered to humanity. The Star Nations, beings of light who are assisting with the evolution of the Earth, now offer this gift to clear the pathway and create a channel to Spirit. This channel once opened will enable you to receive messages of magnificent wisdom and practicality. In addition the Star Blessing brings incredible healing to serve your individual needs. It is the awakening you have been praying for. It is a blessing from the Divine Source of all Life. There is no one who cannot benefit from this blessing. It opens the channels to the highest beings of light making the connection clear and deep. This gift has never before been experienced in this realm. It is only at this time of all times when humanity is asking for guidance and spiritual growth, has it been now been made available. We are answering your prayers.

 “The Star Blessing is similar to a Reiki attunement. The Star Blessing creates a permanent pathway to the Divine. In a Reiki attunement one receives symbols in the aura to become a channel for spiritual healing energy. In the Star Blessing initiation the same is true, except – it opens the mind and heart to receive a deep connection to communicate with the highest beings of light. We are answering your prayers, and now you have the way to listen to our answers. 

“Be awake! This is a gentle gift of great power. We offer it now for you to receive the guidance you have been asking for. Once you get the blessing you will be initiated into the next step on your evolutionary path. No more will you be confused over who you are and what you are to do. You will view the world in a way that leads you to the next step in your development. Joyfully embrace your life on Earth. This is the life you have been waiting for! We celebrate your every step. We can’t wait to tell you all the wonderful things that await you, and answer all your questions in a way that lights your path with profound beauty.

 “Through prayer, effort and alignment with our vision for humanity, Janet has been gifted the Star Blessing initiation to pass on to the world. At this time she is the only person who is to give this blessing. She will some day be called to pass it on to others, so that others who are called may give the Star Blessing initiation, but for now she is the only one alive in this realm to pass the blessing on. We ask that you receive this blessing with reverence and gratitude, knowing that it is sacred. It is a simple gift that’s effect is magnificent. Its value to your life is immeasurable.


“Now is the time to open to Spirit! The Earth is changing rapidly and your connection to the Divine Source is here to help you find your way through these changes. Before now one must diligently meditate and practice to be connected to Divine Source. Now we offer you the simplest method to awaken your channel and be part of your own evolutionary path creating a ripple of healing for all those around you. Your conscious participation in the Earth changes effect humanity in such a way as to bring harmony, health and prosperity. As I am sure you have heard from many sages, wise ones, and the Masters, that continuing an unconscious life in this time of change may create great difficulty for humanity.

 “Tarry no more! We gift to you the greatest power we have to offer in this moment to ease your life’s burdens. Now you can be awakened. Now your difficulties can be eased. Now your power can be revealed.”

 —The Blessed Star Beings

To get your Star Blessing, or invite Janet to give the Star Blessing for your group go to:

To learn more about how Janet received the Star Blessing go to:

Contact Janet at: 619-248-4082 *

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

2 thoughts on “Message from The Star Nations”

  1. Wow… Janet I hadn’t seen this till today, what a blessing ! I’m looking forward to this experience even more… the process you describe here and its impact on humanity is a much needed confirmation for me, as I sometimes doubt what is coming through me in the form of readings….
    Thank you, Phoenix

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