From the Star Beings re: Divine Self

Star Nations 

Question: What is Level 2 Star Blessing?


“We come to you with great honor. We have created a way for you to integrate the part of yourself that resides in Spirit. Your body is a vessel for your soul, which receives your life force energy from your Higher-self, God-Self, or Divine-Self who is always conscious and connected to the Divine Plan.

“Your soul in your body is the self that functions on the earthly plane and is allowing it’s experience to be directed by your life’s experiences, beliefs and perceptions. Your Divine Self, who is always connected to the Divine Being, the Creator, the Giver of All Life, is being guided by the Divine mind and is at One with this consciousness. Level 2 of the Star Blessing creates an integration of your Soul with your Divine Self that will enable your conscious life to function along the pathway of the Divine plan with the least resistance.

“Many ask as they travel through life what they are ‘supposed’ to do, wondering what is their true mission in Life. We offer this blessing as a way to connect to Source and discover the answer to this question yourself. There is no one who can answer the request for the wisdom of your life’s purpose better than your Divine Self. This blessing creates a permanent connection to your Divinity within your consciousness, so that confusion, indecision, and fear no longer rule your life. You become an active part of fulfilling your own Divine Plan and your life flows with the ease of knowing who you are and what you are to do.

“The separation of human consciousness from Divine Self has been the source of pain, dysfunction, fear, anxiety, and depression for eons. This separation had it’s Divine purpose on the evolutionary path of the Earth. Now separation is no longer necessary for us to grow. It is time to unite what has been separated. Now it is time be at One. We must take the next step on our evolutionary path by embracing Unity and Oneness with all life. Through conscious creation with the life force of your Divine Self you add a new dimensiality to your life. You become a four dimensional being. Your life will be guided by Love, Compassion, Vision and Joy.

“We offer the Level 2 Star Blessing Initiation through Janet because she has united her vision of humanity with Divine Source and has prayed for a way to help others in the simplest way possible. Our gift to you through her is the answer not only to her prayer but your prayer to end the dysfunction in your life, release the fears you live with and create a life fulfilled.

“We are at your service in this most pivotal time in history as you courageously take your next step in your evolutionary path.”

In Light,
– The Blessed Star Beings

For more information or to get a  Star Blessing, call Janet at 619-866-4405 or go to: for schedules and locations.


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