How to Feel the Love


I have heard many times: Love is the answer to all questions, love fulfills all desires, love heals all wounds. But sometimes I’m just not feeling it.  

So I asked my Spirit Guide, John the Divine – Why is it so important to feel the love, and, how can we feel it truly and deeply?

His Answer: 

When we came to exist in this dimension we agreed to separate ourselves from God and the universal pure divine love that we feel at all times when we are in Spirit. We agreed to experience what it was to be without love. We agreed to fulfill this promise because we wanted to know love more fully. To experience something fully we must also experience the lack of that thing. Some cultures have called this age the Time of Separation.
The Time of Separation has been going on for eons. During the past few eons we have seen the destruction of cultures, races, species and environments. We have lived without love.
A new time is emerging, the Time of Separation is coming to a close, which has been marked by our calendars in the year 2012. We have, humanity has, fulfilled that promise and experienced the lack of love to the fullest. The lack of love has brought us to the utmost brink of our survival on Earth.
Now we have a new promise to fulfill. Now it is time to experience love to the fullest on Earth. Now it is time to feel the universal pure divine love you left behind when you came into body. Now we bring that love here to heal all that was wounded, and create the next experience in our evolution. The World of Peace.
In The World of Peace we are able to feel the universal pure divine love, we see the deep connection we have to each other and God, our intuition increases and there is no veil between heaven and Earth. The Time of Separation is over. This is the lifting of the veil – also known as the apocalypse.
We are overlapping the times, as we feel the new emergence of The World of Peace and we feel the departure of The World of Separation, we may feel confused, conflicted, depressed, and anxious. On top of that the new energy is bringing in peace, harmony, community, and love. Sometimes we even feel both energies at once! Do not be distressed. This is all natural at such an intense time on Earth. Do your best not to judge yourself and take plenty of time outs for self-nurturing, sleep, water, and recreation.
To embrace the new energy of The World of Peace, it is very helpful to meditate, even if only for a few minutes a day. Meditate on feeling love. After you quiet your mind and breathe into your space, ask your Spirit Guides, Angels, and God – any of them or all of them- to give you the feeling of love. Once you have asked just wait to receive. I may take a few times of trying before you really feel the intensity of the love they offer you, but the effort is well worth the gift.
I bring you this message in deepest honor for the courageous journey you have undertaken.
John the Divine
In co-creation with Janet Lightstone

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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