The Choice of Enlightenment

The path of enlightenment is a choice, a choice we are making every moment of every day.

We cannot only choose it once then be satisfied in the next moment we are on the path to enlightenment. For our egos do not prefer enlightened views of harmony, unity beauty.

The ego seeks to separate us from all other things and create chaos to remain in control. Ego acts in desperate need to control and keep its identity through control of your thoughts actions, perceptions. 

If you are finding yourself in chaos, conflict and fear then you are under the control of ego. Once you are aware that you are under the control of ego, you can choose differently.

You can choose to alter your perception to see the beauty behind the chaos, the gift beyond the fear, the wisdom underlying the conflict. Is some one out to harm you, angry at you, in conflict with you?

 If you are under the burden of dis-harmony then you can choose a new view to get back on the path to enlightenment.  

Take a moment to breathe, to ask for a new perception, view or understanding of the circumstances. Allow your heart to guide your perception.

There is beauty, harmony and unity in all things – we only need to allow our hearts to guide us to see them.


White Eagle

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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