Why Did I Manifest This?

The conflict of the mind plays out in outer reality. Some wonder “Why did I manifest this?” Whatever is present within is also created in physical form. If in your life your parent told you that you were no good, unless that is resolved and released from within your psyche, and you have silenced that inner chatter, it will play out in your life repeatedly. If you are finding yourself being challenged to defend and argue your worth with others, then it is not yet resolved. Take each opportunity that challenges your worth as an example of what has yet to be addressed for your growth.

Each experience of pain, conflict and dysfunction is an opportunity to further your spiritual growth. Acknowledge your part in the writing of the script that is going on in the play of your life then find the truth in your heart. If the truth in your heart is that you have value as a being of the Divine then allow that truth to become the inner chatter. You can direct your mental energy by meditation, prayer, ceremony or affirmation. These practices re-program your psyche to disengage the patterns of the past and re-format to download a new program of Divine Being.  As you do this you will see there will be fewer people in your life who see you as worthless and more who see you as the Divine beauty you are.

The Universe in all its dimensions is a mirror of the Divine. All that is created spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally is a reflection of the Divine. All that goes on around you in your life is an opportunity to see yourself. That is all life is. Your life is an experience created by you for you to see yourself.

Understanding and acting on this wisdom can create a freedom and a power to release you from your painful past and create a life of beauty that has yet to be experienced in your reality. Some are not interested in a life of beauty, harmony and love. They feel this would be boring, dull and uninspired. But the contrary is true – a life lived in harmony with the Divine and released of the painful past is a thrilling joy ride of creation, excitement, and wonder. I challenge you to try it and see for yourself.

May your outer world reflect the miracle that is you.


White Eagle

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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