Road-Map to the Heart of God

In small dusty villages, on quiet seashores, and in darkened secret temples mystical writings were shared that brought awakening to the few brave enough to read. These writings opened a pathway to God not spoken of by the religious leaders. Radical and profound, those who had lost their connection to the divine found the writings to be a portal to his love and to remember their own birthright of divinity.

In a world of judgment, suffering, condemnation, and oppression the worn pages passed around through many hands were the light of God reaching into their hearts speaking the language of love. Forgiveness overcame sin, law became love, separateness became unity.

What has happened to these ancient mystical writings? How can we find them to see how they may heal our hearts? Are we ready to read the truth of them? Are we ready to hear with our hearts and leave the intellectual arguments behind? Are we truly ready to find the truth they awaken within ourselves and not be told the truth from an institution? Can we be so radical as to not follow the old rules and concepts of God but instead find the God within? Are we ready to enter the portal of love, unity and forgiveness?

Indigenous prophecy keepers, new age mystics, and even some religious leaders recognize this time we are living in as a time of radical change for humanity. We are standing in the doorway of our own evolution, and we are, each of us individually, making the choice to go through or not. The single step through the doorway of evolution is the bravest step we can take. It is not for the faint of heart; only the most courageous can walk through. To make this step we must no longer be ruled by – or fear – the judgment, condemnation or the reactions of others. We must know the truth of our hearts and follow it even if our friends and family say it’s a bad idea. We must see unity consciousness and no longer be seduced by the illusion of separation. We must see ourselves through the divine vision of infinite potential and no longer as powerless beings. We must be made whole. This is a tall order even for the most awakened of beings.

Yet, it has been done before.

As we stand in the portal of evolution and start to dump all our old baggage of what our parents did to us, our schools programmed into us and our religious institutions took from us we feel lighter and more ready to go through. We feel that our old concepts of ourselves have been released and we are ready to accept the truth of our divine birthright. But there is still a slight hesitation, still something yet to be made whole. It is the past. Our individual past and humanity’s past. How can we be made whole if we cannot only make peace with our past but embrace and celebrate it. Where we have been is part of who we are. It is imprinted in our DNA, our consciousness, and our souls. Our familial dysfunction also holds ancestral wisdom. Our government’s corruption also holds our vision of unity. Our religious dogma also holds divine truth. To see divinity’s expression in even the lowest point in our history brings it into the light, makes us whole, and we can collectively walk through the portal to our evolution and our divinity.

My personal journey to the portal of divinity has brought me to that place of making peace with the past – my ancestry, my concept of religion, and our history of war. I have begun to look deeper to see the thread of divine love running throughout our past of suffering. Following this thread has awakened me to a new perception of our reality and has become a great gift to open again and again rediscovering the beauty of who we really are.

I am given the vision of the ancient writing being shared by scattered communities in ancient times, which becomes like a thread of divinity connecting the separated to the heart of God and each other. They are no different from us, searching for truth in a world of illusion. They pass among them a contraband document. They are the most courageous seekers, the ones connected to the mystical traditions, not dogmatic regimen. They pass it on and keep it sacred for the many generations to follow to find their own truth in it. Not for it to be corrupted by religious authority. I offer to you to look to the ancient wisdom with new eyes, outside of religious authority. Be radical and find that you’ve been holding what you’ve been seeking all along.

For me reading the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation without the interpretation of religious authority has been an awakening experience. It has been a long journey to be able to release the dogmatic thought that surrounds their wisdom and truly see them with fresh eyes. To see them as though they had been handed to me in a secret temple, to see them as the radical road-map to the heart of God that they are – what a challenge for me. What an incredible gift I have found.

I offer to you to seek out the ancient writings of the past that call your heart, release the negative energy around them and see the divinity that runs through them. Begin the journey of making peace with the past thus activating our evolution and stepping through the portal to the divine and creating the World of Peace.

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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