Why Charge?

I got this question in an e-mail today and thought it would be helpful for all to see my answer.

Hello Janet,

Im very interested in your boast of being able to awaken everybody and that its there birthright. but i cant help but wonder why you would charge people for that? There must be so many people out there longing to do something like this, but just simply cant afford the rates.
Sorry to be a pain, Its just so intriguing.

Hi CJ,

I appreciate your question and have debated charging over and over. It is a dilemma. This gift was freely given to me by spirit and I am very grateful. But it was not given without my also spending years of work, time and energy. I have given this gift with no charge, yet I find that those who are given it for free also don’t put the energy behind it to utilize it as it could be. They don’t value what they don’t pay for. Which is a disappointment.

Reiki masters are frequently given the story of how Reiki came to be (if you are unfamiliar Reiki is a healing energy that was discovered in the 1800s). The monk who meditated for 40 days to discover this gift was so enthusiastic about it he went to a nearby village and gave it to all who were in need especially the beggars who couldn’t work because of their ailments. He traveled for many months and came back to the village to find the beggars still begging even though they were healed. This gave him pause and he realized that only those who put energy into receiving this gift would use it and appreciate it. In our world that translates to money. He started charging huge fees for Reiki and Reiki attunements ($10,000). This did exclude a great deal of the population but also only those who saw it as valuable as he did were to receive it.

I value this gift as a miracle. It is worth way, way more than I charge. It changes lives in miraculous ways. What price can you put on that? None is high enough in my opinion. Yet I had to come up with a fee after all. Therefore I decided to charge for my time. An attorney I know told me all he sells is time. He has no product except his expertise. Therefore I used that as my guideline. I charge for my time, the time it takes to do the session. I do not charge for the support e-mails and calls after the session – as an attorney would, lol. That is all part of it.

I hope this answers your question. Spiritual practitioners cannot do their work if they must devote time to day jobs. If I didn’t at least charge for my time I could not do it at all, and the gift would not be given. Those who put their energy into this gift also support me so I may continue to give it.

I am grateful for your question and wish you many blessings!


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