CONFIRMATION! And Signs from Spirit

How do you know if you are really getting messages from your Guide and you aren’t just making it all up?

Here’s a way: Ask for a sign that you are indeed connecting with your Guide. When you are sitting quietly with him/her in meditation, ask him/her to give you physical proof that he/she is helping you. While you are in meditation you may get an answer like “yes” or you may get an image of something that you will see that will be your sign. One student I know saw a sunflower in her mediation when she asked for a sign. This was strange because it was the middle of winter and even in San Diego there are no sunflowers at that time of year. The next day she was staying in a rented condo and the bathroom was decorated in sunflowers. Now each time she sees that image (a picture on the net, the TV or some one mentions the word sunflower) she is given a wink of reassurance from her guide. So if you get an image go with it- don’t discount it or over analyze it- like thinking what’s that mean? or how’s that gonna happen? Just pay attention and stay open to how it will manifest. It may take up to 3 days to get the manifestation of your sign.

If you ask for a sign and your Guide says “yes” or doesn’t answer and you don’t get an image or a nudge as to what it will be. That means that it will come but they are not telling you how. You may wake up with a song in your head – a certain phrase being repeated over and over, then you turn on the radio and there it is. You may over-hear the phrase in a conversation at the grocery store. The real trick is to pay attention so you are aware of it and can allow it to happen. It’s easy to discount signs as coincidences or chance. Faith and Trust are the most important energies you can bring to the table when you are working with Spirit. If you are not in the energy of faith when working with Spirit you don’t get the miracles that are awaiting you, and you will miss the wonderful gifts and opportunities that they can create for you.

The most difficult part of working with Spirit is understanding how it works and getting into the flow of it. Spirit works through nudges, urges to do something, and inspiration. Our guides are quiet, gentle and unconditional. They don’t want to interfere in our lives unless we ask. When we do ask and have pure gratitude for any small gift that comes our way, we get more, and the trust we start to have in them and gratitude we give is what grows the connection. Your guide may take some time to actually talk to you, because you must truly believe in him/her first (and your ability to connect) before you are going to get more.

Once you feel confident and get your sign ~ and start to trust the process ~ you can get more information, but start small. Ask for something like “what can I expect to happen _______”(tomorrow at my meeting …or… when I have lunch with so and so … or … fill in blank). Make the question about something to take place soon. Your answer may come as a feeling, a knowing or an image. Then just wait and see how it manifests in reference to your question. Once it does manifest then you have your verifiable proof that something you didn’t know came through from your Guide! keep working with this in small ways until you feel confident that you are getting the messages correct. After you are in trust and confidence you can start to dialogue freely with your guide and ask questions that will help you along your life path. But know that your Guide will never demand you do ANYTHING. They are there for guidance and don’t push an agenda. All messages are suggestions and possibilities your choices are entirely up to you. Guides are also entirely without judgment. They have no interest in punishing you or making life difficult for you.

If they are not talking or you feel they are leading you down the wrong path, it may be so you can fully embrace your own power and need to make your own decisions. If you get a message from your guide that is not what your inner knowing is telling you – like to take a vacation in the mountains but you feel that it is not what would be good for you – go with what will feel good for you. That is a lesson in empowerment. Let’s say you go to the mountains, even though you know it’s not the right thing for you, but you want to follow their guidance above your own knowing. You go and have a horrible time then you get angry with your guides for giving you the wrong information, you think they are punishing you or are mad at you. This is a projection. All they are helping you with is trusting yourself. You think to yourself, “I knew it was not right to go to the mountains!” Then you also beat yourself up for not listening to yourself. Instead I offer that you can congratulate yourself for being right and now can make decisions from a fully empowered place. Your guides will now help you with more things because you will be able to use your discernment on what is right for you.

To ensure that you are getting the info only from your Guide who is there as your teacher for your highest good and to help you on your path to your highest potential is very, very simple. Intention is EVERYTHING when working with Spirit. So ask that only the guide who is there to support you on your path be the one to speak with you, help you, inspire you, nudge you and keep every other Spirit away. Then know that it is so.

All you got to do is ask. Really.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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