What Should I Do?

Confused? Don’t know what to do? Can’t get a clear answer from your Tarot cards?


When working with Tarot, if you are ever unclear on an answer check your question. Is your question clear; is it asking what you really want to know?

Let’s say you want to know about a trip and if you ‘should’ go. You are not sure because there are people going that you think might be unpleasant to be with.  So you phrase it in the typical way: “what do I need to know about going on this trip?” But the cards you pull on that question come out confusing. They don’t really tell you about how it will work out with the people, you just get mixed messages with the cards. So then you check in and ask yourself what answer do I really want to know from the cards? When you check in with yourself you think… “I want to know if I will get along with every one or if they will spoil my fun.” Then you get to the heart of the question. So you ask again in a different way. “What do I need to know about my relationships with these people during this trip?” Then you pull the cards and the answer is clearer. It’s much easier to see how it will go when you ask the question more to the point. Clear question = clear answer. Now you can add more questions to get an even clearer picture of the trip. If you are worried about finances on the trip you can ask that, if you are worried about safety you can ask that. You see how you can do many readings on the same trip hitting all the points of concern.


Let’s say the answer is not good. When you ask about the relationships on the trip you get conflict and irritation. You then wonder if you “should” go. What is should? Should is a very vague term and does not reflect true intention or desire. Think about it: Should. Should I go to the doctor? Should I call my friend? Should I go to the store at noon? Well it all depends on your desired outcome. Think of what you want out of a situation to determine what ‘should’ means.

As an example ‘should I go to the doctor?’: The heart of the matter is that I think I may need antibiotics to clear my sinus infection, but don’t know if it will clear up soon on it’s own or if it will only get worse. For the clear answer to this you can ask two questions: “What do I need to know about going to the doctor to clear my sinus infection?” and “what do I need to know about my sinus infection clearing up without going to the doctor?” Pulling the cards on both scenarios will help me make an informed decision and not using the word ‘should’ will also help.

For people on the spiritual path; should really means highest good. Instead of thinking ‘should’ you go; think in terms of – is it in my highest good to go. But we can’t ask the cards yes or no questions so we have to explore a little more to find out if it is in your highest good to go, even if it will be a time of conflict and irritation. But oh no! You don’t want conflict and irritation either. You don’t want to be a martyr to your highest good. There are a number of approaches to get the answers so that you can do what is in the highest good and have a great time.

Here is a way to use tarot to get the answer you want and create the fun you want:

To find out if you “should” go start with asking about the outcome to help you make my decision. Instead of asking if you should go on the trip, the question you would ask is: “How does this trip serve my highest good?” If the answer is beneficial, then you know to go, if the answer is detrimental then you know to stay. If the answer is beneficial but you know these people will make you irritable all the time (and you don’t want to have a bad time) you can ask the cards for help to have fun while serving your highest good.

To find out how to have fun on a the trip:  “How can I have a fun time with these people on this trip?” You don’t want to ask in the negative like, “How can I not be irritated by these people?” or “how can I stay away from these people”, etc. Always focus on what you do want (and not what you don’t want) when asking advice from Tarot. When you pull the card on how to have a fun time with the people on the trip you get something that means ‘go with the flow’ to you. This is telling you to not try to control the events and timing of the trip. In order to have a good time, it is best to do what comes when it comes and not try to make it all conform to your preferences. You can then decide to accept the advice and you may follow it or not. By following the advice you may find that you really have a great time on the trip and it was a wonderful experience.


FYI- you can always decide not to follow the advice of Tarot. It is entirely up to you. There is no energetic fallout from not following the advice from Tarot or your Guides. Spirit respects all of your decisions and actions as your own. If you decide going with the flow on the trip is not for you, and you want to do your own thing, that is OK with Spirit, but you may just find out that you didn’t have such a great time as if you were to follow the advice you asked for.

The best way to learn Tarot is to use Tarot by exploring different ways of asking questions and asking for advice. Tarot is not just for predictions but a living spiritual exchange to dialogue, learn and grow with! The more you explore and experiment, the more you expand your understanding and awaken your awareness and the more tarot speaks in its unique way with you.

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Janet Kadow

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