An Evening with White Eagle

Global Channeling Event!

September 29, 2011

6pm to 8pm Pacific Time


         White Eagle is an Ascended Master and Spirit Guide who’s wisdom guides us forth to empowerment, enhancement of our psychic gifts and spiritual awakening.

              He has had many incarnations on Earth including, John the Divine (the Beloved Disciple of Christ, and writer of the Book of Revelation) and Hiawatha (the great Native American Orator). His Spirit has become known as White Eagle the voice for the coming age of Illumination.

He loves to teach and share his insights on how we are evolving and growing into a time when we shall use our gifts to become the enlightened beings he prophesied we will be.

The event is a channeling of his wisdom. This form of channeling is when Spirit is allowed to embody the channeler and speak directly to the audience.

He speaks to personal questions and global changes. You will gain new insight and may feel a release of what no longer supports you on your path as we enter into the teaching. He has a very light and lively energy with a joyful sense of humor :-).

This is our first open Q & A conference call format in which he will share what is most pressing on your mind and how we shift to a higher consciousness with grace.

In the spirit of inclusion we are setting a sliding scale fee for the event – Asking for what feels comfortable for you to give in the range of $8 to $38 sent via Paypal to

Register for the conference call by sending the Paypal amount you choose. Once registered you will receive a confirmation with the conference calling instructions. Be sure that your calling plan includes California numbers.

 You may also request a copy of the recording by sending and e-mail to Recordings are $28 paid via Paypal and sent via e-mail in mp3 format.

 Thank you for being part of this great experiment!

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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