Angels or Demons? How To Know What Kind of Spirit You Are Talking To

In the Wizard of Oz it is easy to tell if one is a good witch or a bad witch because Glinda the Good Witch tells us that only bad witches are ugly. In the world of Oz knowing the good from the bad is obvious, yet our world is a bit more subtle.

Many of us have fears over talking to spirits because they may really be only pretending to be Angels and Guides and are trying to fool us into trusting them so that they may do harm to us, or control us. This does happen from time to time and it can be very subtle and difficult to spot, but most times it is easy to tell who you are talking to, and it is always easy to dismiss them, no matter how powerful they are.

What about Demons?

I use the term “lower level entity” because the term “demon” or such terms like that give these entities way too much power. The term “demon” is a word that evokes fear that it has some sort of supernatural control over us. In my experience no such entity exists. No spirit has any control over any one without their permission. No spirit can ever control your actions or thoughts without you allowing it to do so. Therefore, lower level entities are just spirits that feed on our ego and our energy to try to fool us to get more energy and power from us. They are attracted to this world and wish to be a part of it, but cannot do so without a body or energy from us.

How can you know if a Spirit is really a Guide here to serve your highest good or a lower level entity looking for some power and attention? How do you know if you are susceptible to low level entity being attracted to you?

Some people are more susceptible to being fooled by spirits than others, depending on their energy field, the dominance of their ego, and their belief system.

How to know if you are vulnerable to attracting lower level entities:

1. Your energy field is weak. A weakened energy field is brought on by drugs, alcohol, and any form of low vibrational state such as long term depression, illness, fear or anger. Be aware that they can attach themselves to you or others when there is a lower vibration energy present. This lower vibrational field can be an invitation for entities who wish to be in control.

2. Your ego is out of balance. Many people get an ego charge out of being contacted by a Spirit or wish to get power from psychic information. If your ego wants to be noticed or have power by using this ability you will attract the same type of Spirit. If you want to control others or wish to impress people using psychic energy you will connect with an entity who wants to control you and have power over you. Like attracts like.

3. You believe Spirit can control you. Your belief system is very important when working with psychic energy. When we have a strong belief system the universe conforms to it by giving us proof it is true. If we believe we can be controlled by Spirit then entities will gladly show up to prove you right.

How to know if the Spirit communicating with you is a Guide or Angel.

1. The messages are always positive. High level beings always speak in positive terms. My guides rarely if ever say no. If the answer to a question is ‘no’ my guides will shift the answer to a positive, and not actually say no. If I ask about if going somewhere is in my highest good and it is not, they will most likely either ask my why I want to go or simply not answer at all. When I get a message from my Guides I always feel good after getting their messages and not at all fearful or anxious about my life and future.

2. It feels right. Don’t discount your own intuition as the perfect discerning tool for Truth. If it feels right to you and does not make you fearful, then it is right. Go with it.

3. The messages are advice not demands. My guides have never said “don’t do this or you must do that” – ever, under any circumstances. Spirit Guides and Angels are not at all interested in telling you what to do. Their purpose is to empower you, and advise you by giving the spiritual perspective. They will not to tell you what to do. Telling you what to do is dis-empowering and only a lower level entity would do that to prove they are in control.

How to Ensure You Are Communicating with Your Guides and Angels

1. Be clear with yourself about your intention.  Meditate on why you truly want to communicate with Spirit. Be sure that you are not driven by ego, the need to impress people, or the desire for control. Before asking for messages state the intention out loud: “I ask for messages from my Guide to serve the highest good and the path to the highest potential.” Be aware that if your ego has a hidden agenda it may not work. To know if it does work see what messages you get.

2. Ask only for your Guides and Angels to speak with you. This sounds really simple and obvious, but sometimes we forget to be specific in our requests. To be sure first make a prayer to your Guides like this: “I ask that my Guides and Angels constantly and continually protect me from any being, entity or energy that does not serve my highest good. I ask that any messages I receive come only from my Guides and Angels.”

3. Use your intuition. You know that gut feeling when something feels off – trust it. If something doesn’t feel right to you dismiss the energy simply by saying “go away now.” This really works if you truly mean it. Once you’ve dismissed the energy repeat the above steps and start again. If it still doesn’t work check out my video on How to Get Rid of Ghosts (it works for any kind of negative energy) here:

Know that when you are working with Spirit you must align your intention, your energy and vibration to match theirs to get great insight, information and wisdom as you navigate this world. Staying out of judgment, being free from fear and keeping your ego in check is all you truly need to get the best information.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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