The Attraction Force of FEAR

More and more people are telling me they want to connect with Spirit and in the same moment asking me if connecting with Guides is ‘safe’. People are telling me they are concerned about alien invasions, demonic possession, entity attachments and the like. There is a lot of bad information about these topics. There is an extra ordinary amount of fear running around about the the unseen having the power to control people with a sinister and evil design.

The power of some unseen force is not in the entity to fear – the attraction force of the fear itself is what keeps us hypnotized and what we should truly be aware of. We are naturally attracted to fear. Our ego loves it. Fear creates drama. It keeps us occupied. It takes a lot of energy and attention. Why do we love horror movies, scary stories and urban myths? Our ego can stay in control over our actions so easily if we are in fear. If we fear ‘others’ then Spirit, Spirit Guides even our own higher spiritual aspect will not be able to communicate with us. The ego loves that. If we allow our higher consciousness to be be our true guide then our ego no longer controls our actions and loses it’s power. And we have been so powerless against our ego for so long that allowing Spirit to guide us seems the scariest, and most difficult thing of all.

Being empowered and recognizing that when we fear something it is an illusion is the greatest task any spiritual seeker has to accomplish. But how can we do this? How can we let go of the drama we love? How can we believe that no one, no thing, no entity, no global crisis, alien invasion, demonic possession or world order has any power over us? We have been believing all our lives that there is something, always, to fear. We are invested in fear emotionally, financially, mentally and even spiritually. We are told to fear God, poverty, big government, corporations and demons.

Take a moment to imagine that all of those things have no power over you. Take a moment to accept that even God cannot control your actions. Your actions, your thoughts, your perceptions are entirely your own. There is no power greater than your will. How does that feel? Does it feel even scarier than allowing the outside forces to have influence over you? Would you rather have something to fear? If not you are the exception.

Spirit cannot guide us when our ego is in the driver seat. It is as simple as that. And ego uses fear to remain in control. Fear must be in place for us to be manipulated and controlled. Ego is over-powered in our consciousness. Ego’s tool for control is fear. A healthy use of ego is as an identifying factor. Ego is a gift that helps us to recognize how we fit in in the scheme of things. It helps us know who we are. Yet if we allow ego to overrun our life experience through its power hungry system of fear then we become a slave to it. And we cannot be a slave to ego and serve Spirit. It is impossible. Yet things that make us fearful have an attraction force that is almost irresistible. Almost irresistible.

The simplest way to begin your journey to serve Spirit and be free from fear is to recognize when something arouses fear in you. Imaging your worst fear and taking a moment to greet it. Acknowledge its existence. Thank it for teaching you about yourself. Ask yourself how this fear has served you. How has it benefited you by holding on to it? Then dismiss your fear with gratitude. Then ask your guides to help you be in service to the highest good, ask them to help you let go of your fear to find your faith and ultimately your freedom. Do this as often as necessary and you will find that each day will be an awakening to the Divine.

Freedom opens the pathway to all creation, all power and Love. Fear negates all creation, all power and Love.

May you find the freedom that is your birthright.

Be In Peace,


Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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