Our New Selves in the Age of Intuition

      Leaving behind the Age of Reason we walk across the Rainbow Bridge into the Age of Intuition. We leave behind a world of pain, fear and suffering to become anew. To be born into a world in which intuition guides us, no longer tied to the past we are free from the old identity created by the ego and it’s power over us. We may now consciously chose who we wish to be. This freedom from the past is like a fall off a cliff, exhilarating and exciting. Yet it can also can create fear, confusion, chaos and disturbances in our energy. Without the comfortable anchor of our identifying badges of what we were, how we suffered and what scars we carry we may feel lost. Ego has been in control of our identity for eons. We must now create an identity that is beyond ego. Live in accordance with the Spiritual Laws and following our intuition with total and complete faith.
It is time to fine tune the tools you have learned in enhancing your intuition and spiritual connection. It is time for you to use them every moment. We can no longer afford to process through the mind first and act second. We do not have the time in the now to react before we act. This time of 2013 is the time in which the heart-mind must take prominence and the ego-mind must no longer lead our lives. NOW we act before we reason.
The ego-mind has served us well and helped us to survive the Age of Reason by hiding our intuitive gifts, conforming with social norms and following the leaders. Now we, each and every one of us, must be very aware and attuned to our heart-mind. We must grow our intuitive gifts, let go of conformity and be our own leaders. This is an incredible task to undertake in this year, although you may say that you already do those things, I ask you to be acutely aware of all the times you don’t do those things.
We have a habit of action and mental process created by the defense of the ego that must be changed in order to live and thrive through the year 2013. The ego must lose it’s control over us if we are to allow Spirit to guide our way. As the Christ said, we cannot serve two masters. We can feed the ego or feed the spirit, now is the time to chose what you will feed.
Let us explore the heart-mind. It is the primary intelligence center within the body which uses the emotional body to communicate it’s information. Located in the heart center of every being, it is the connective force to the All That Is. It is finely attuned to the subtle frequencies of all energy forces and all forms of conscious life. Before we know something in the brain we know it in the body. Before we know something in the mental realm we know it in the emotional, or feeling realm. In other words we feel it before we think it. Part of this experience can be seen as instinct, but it is much more than that. It is the Intelligence of all creation flowing through our attuned frequency feelers to communicate with us on a non-verbal, non mental, intuitive level. We cannot put our fingers on it. We cannot measure it. We cannot prove it exists. Yet it is the force we must not only connect with, but give it dominance over mental reason in order to complete our transition into our evolutionary phase of the Age of Intuition.
As we become more sensitive and aware of the subtle frequencies picked up by the heart-mind we may go through a period of, or many periods of, imbalance, moodiness, extreme anger, anxiety or fear. These are common experiences to those ‘waking up’ and can be confused with disease. Let me assure you, we are all waking up and becoming more sensitive to the frequencies around us. No one is less or more susceptible to this great change in consciousness. The advantage of the spiritual seeker is that they are consciously aware this process is taking place, have the tools to cope with them and are less likely to fall prey to them by displaying acts of violence, falling into depression or, going into judgment of ourselves or others.
As you may see this year will challenge us on the deepest level and how we consciously chose to act will sustain us to making the most of the energy. For those of us willing to walk the True path of Faith it will be the most joyful year in many, many past. Like a child in a magical garden we see the expression of the divine and may connect with all the magical beings around us, witnessing miracle after miracle. For those who hang on to the control of the ego-mind this will be a year of turmoil and fear.
Do not be in judgment of those in fear and turmoil this year, for it will be falling back into the ego-mind yourself. Be mindful of how you judge who is ‘ascended’ and who is in ‘low vibration’. Instead hold ALL in the sacred light as the Angels do. Be compassionate and supportive of all of life as even the most fearful and confused of us create chaos in the world. It is not for us to judge what trials they chose to go through, know they are as sacred and pure as the Divine Creator.
For those of us who have been spiritually trained know this is the time when you will use your training like never before. You have been adding to your tool box for just this occasion, this is the time when you put all your training into action. It is time to be in prayer and meditation daily, to follow all intuitive knowing every time you get it. It is time to be very aware of your fears, and very aware of your energy levels. If you find yourself going into fear, anxiety, chaos or imbalance of any kind, do not go into judgment of yourself instead take a time out for prayer, meditation or play. Remove yourself from the ego-mind and rejuvenate with Spirit. This will serve you well this year above and beyond even how it has served you in the past.
When we allow the heart-mind to lead the way we think as the Angels do and act as the Angels do. The heart-mind connects us to the Christ within and is the answer to creating Heaven on Earth through you ~ one moment at a time.
Janet Lightstone
with White Eagle
Janet Lightstone and White Eagle have been connecting to share messages of enlightenment and teaching the psychic arts for the past 10 years, founding the Lightstone Academy of Psychic Arts and the new Lightstone Source on-line school for spiritual training. Janet and White Eagle are available to train, support and guide the path of Spirit for every one from anywhere in the world.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

3 thoughts on “Our New Selves in the Age of Intuition”

  1. Appreciate writing this. I love the online world because you can study something new every day. I’ll share this with my friends, thank you!

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