Are You an Empath? Clairsentience

This is a very common ability and I find that most people I train have this one. If sometimes you can’t stand to be in a crowed space and forget peoples names when you are introduced to them you probably have this sense. The reason you forget their names (and sometimes even tune out what they are saying) is because you are going into your feeling sense to get to know them. You are feeling into their energy to know what kind of person they are. You probably also can sense the energy of a room when you walk in to feel into an inviting place or a
place you want to leave. The gift of this ability is that your body becomes your psychic sense and your body can’t lie. It has no ego! Your body will become your guidance system throughout your practice. The difficulty with this ability is that you can feel the emotions of another intensely, and sometimes mistake them for your own.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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