Feeling Judged? How To Stop Others From Judging You

The Universe in all it’s glory is a pure reflective mirror and magnifying echo chamber. Therefore, all that we want for ourselves we must first give to, or want for, some one else. This requires attention to the intricacies of our own mind and heart. Self awareness, which is the first step to psychic and spiritual growth, can be difficult if we don’t see and examine our own emotions, thoughts and perceptions. It is especially tricky to know ourselves if we simply brush off the negative feelings and don’t allow them to come forward to be seen.

Judgment is a particularly difficult one, because as spiritual seekers and psychics we can feel judged by others for our gifts and beliefs. Since the universe is a mirror of our thoughts and feelings we must look at how we judge others to relieve the energy of being judged. We know that being in judgment stops the flow of insight and intuition in our lives. We can easily overlook where we are judgmental and this causes a denial which in turn will unconsciously block us from the divine mind, and in turn be judged by others. We must be attuned to the divine mind and heart to be clear channels, spiritual healers, and gifted psychics.

How do we know when we are in judgment when we hide it even from ourselves? One simple way to know is if we like some one or not. When we don’t like some one we are in judgment. Whether it is a person far removed from us such as celebrities, political figures, corporate leaders or some one we are close to, if we don’t like them we are in judgment.

There are two reasons we don’t like people: one is that they have caused us harm, the other is that they represent an aspect of ourselves we fear.

If some one has caused us harm the greatest gift we can give ourselves is forgiveness, but forgiveness without insight is merely a surface gesture. In order to forgive some one completely we must see and understand the pain in life they have suffered that caused them to behave in a way to cause another harm. No one harms another without a deep wound at the source. This is true for countries, corporations, friends and families. There is a deep wound in the unconscious mind that acts out as a need to harm another for survival. Once we can see this we can understand and forgive the wrong we suffered, and are no longer obligated to carry the pain of the past. Forgiveness ends the suffering of the soul and brings us to a higher state of awareness.

If we don’t like some one because of their behavior or personality then we feel threatened by them in some way. We must look at those we don’t like with an unbiased eye. What exactly is it we don’t like? Are they promiscuous? Are they are self absorbed? Do they have the success you wish you had? Do you think they are undeserving of their wealth? Do you think they are lazy? Do you believe they are just plain evil? Be very clear with yourself on what exactly you don’t like about that person. Then turn it around. Are you afraid of becoming lazy, self absorbed, promiscuous, successful, wealthy, evil? What we condemn in others we deny it exists in ourselves. Being in denial is the most difficult energy to be in if we wish to not be judged by others, attuned to the divine mind and succeed as spiritual practitioners. All we must do to dissipate this energy is to accept the aspect of ourselves that we abhor in others. Acceptance is all that is needed to alleviate the pain that judgment creates. Accept that you may have the qualities or fear the qualities you see in those you don’t like and you will see the charge behind the energy of judgment free from your energy field and liberate you to attune to the divine mind and heart.

Self acceptance and forgiveness are all that are necessary to become a clear channel, trust your inner guidance and become attuned to the divinity in all of life. And the best part is you will find no one is judging your psychic abilities or spiritual path any longer.


Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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