5 Simple Steps to Working with Spirit

There is an easy way to work with Spirit and get what you want without too much effort. Spirit works under the Law of non-interference. That means that they cannot help you if you do not ask for it. They cannot make your life better or give you a miracle if you don’t ask them. They can easily take care of all your troubles, you just have to ask. But you must ask in a way that will bring your energy forward so that you can receive their help. If you ask for something you don’t believe can happen then you are not ready to receive the answer to your request.

Our Guide, Angel, The Universe, God, Spirit or however you perceive it is ready to help us if we follow some pretty simple steps.

  1. Gratitude. First be grateful for what you already have, if you are breathing and your heart is beating you have something to be grateful for. If you still can’t think of anything to be grateful for simply say aloud “Thank You”. Practice gratitude for even the difficult things in life and life will be a lot easier.
  2. Belief. Only ask for that which you believe can come to you. If you are asking for something you think is impossible for you to have, or asking for it to test out spirit’s existence then you will be disappointed.
  3. Prayer. You must intentionally take a moment to ask. Don’t just think it in passing. Stop what you are doing and say it out loud. You can ask for anything no matter how small or insignificant, even a parking place. Our guides want to help in everything! Ask for help and make them happy.
  4. Gratitude. Be grateful for getting what you asked for before it happens. Gratitude opens the gateway to receiving and accepting what we ask for. Thank Spirit for what you are asking for. This is a very important part of the asking. If I ask for a parking space I say: “Help me find a space at the shopping center easily. Thank you for the great parking space.” It is best to ask for things like parking spaces and clear traffic well before you leave home.
  5. Faith. Once you ask for something let it go and know it is so. Faith is knowing something is true with no evidence. Know in your heart your prayer will be answered without a doubt. If you worry it might not happen or put any negative thoughts or feelings about getting it you will block the energy. It cannot come to you if you have attachment or worry. Let it go, put it out of your mind, forget about it, and go about your day.

As you begin to work with this structure start with things that are simple and personal to you. Don’t ask for something for some one else, because when we work with Spirit we must follow their laws of non-interference. Start small and work up to the big life changes. Take note of how you feel at each step of the process make sure your feelings are in line with your words.

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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