Do You Really Want Enlightenment?

By Janet Blessings, Lightstone Academy

     All of life is an exploration and discovery of the truth of self. When we get a glimpse of that truth we find bliss.

The Cosmic YES!

         I once thought that if I could only channel I could get all the guidance I needed to live life easily, avoid problems and  attain spiritual enlightenment. Seventeen years after my spiritual journey began I can easily laugh at how wrong I was. My spiritual journey has been quite the opposite of easy. And when I look to others on the path, it is the same for them. So I ask you, do you really want to seek the truth? Do you really want to connect to the divine? Do you really want enlightenment?

WARNING: It will challenge you constantly and continually. It will be a trial physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. AND it will be the best thing you have ever done, EVER. Rainbow

Those of us who chose the spiritual path chose the treacherous climb up a rocky slope, it is heartbreaking, it is exhausting it is full of perilous events, yet reaching the summit is a blessing beyond measure. We find comfort in Spirit helping us along, but each step is ours to take and each step is a choice to continue forward. Yet once started along this path one can never go back to the bottom, can never reverse the progress; one continues on to the top or dies trying. We may at times come upon another and help them along as we are able to while simultaneously keeping balance. Be aware the path is full of times to let go and allow another to forge their own way. Remain centered, help others along when able, focus on self when needed, and know that this path is guided by love.

When we have agreed to live a life guided by spiritual purpose, seek the Truth, asked to walk in harmony with the divine, we find that it is the opposite of an easy life as we must release all that is in our way to keep going forward. The blocks and barriers to the path of blissful harmony are past dysfunctions, wounds, abuse, and dis-empowering belief systems which may take great energy and effort to overcome. We must peel away layers of traumatic generational experience to find the core of love within ourselves. This is a life long dedication and needs much care and attention, yet the rewards along the way are glimpses of the truth and finding the divine within.

The more we release the painful past the higher we go on the path the more we see the view of eternal bliss and see what divinity sees.

To release what is in our way we must first know that it does exist, accept it and thank it. For each and every difficulty, painful remembrance or trauma we must look to the gift it brought us, fill our hearts with gratitude for the gift and see it as a blessing in order to continue on beyond the pain of it. We cannot carry resentment, judgment or regret on this path, they are too heavy of burdens and cause too much suffering to take along the rocky terrain. Those burdens will slow, hinder or stop of from going up to the summit. Yet you cannot let go of the burdens until you see how the events of your life, each and every one, was a blessing and when looking upon those events your heart is filled with gratitude.

The closer you get to the top the more you must be at peace with all your life. Make peace with who you are, make peace with who you have been, and make peace with all those you know. Once you are attuned to peace you shall go lightly through life and easily on the path of spirit toward the summit of bliss.

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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