Why Are We Here?

In the no-thing, in the void before the universe was born, there was a consciousness. It was the first thing to ever be.  It was in the dark silence with no sensation suspended in the eternal infinite emptiness.  This consciousness had a thought: I want to see myself. And it spoke “Let there be light”. It burst into pieces creating light beams throughout the void filling the void with light.  Now all the pieces of itself could be seen by itself. Now the consciousness could know itself.  The light beams had consciousness and could have thought and see each other, they too could split apart and create more light beams. The dance of light echoed in this place of no place continuing to show itself to itself in the light.

This was a place of no place it had no structure, no time, no physical life. The consciousness wanted to experience itself.  The consciousness said, “Let there be form”.  And the structure of the heavens was created and all spirit consciousness forms took their place. Now the consciousness could experience itself.  Consciousness could experience Love.

The heavens became abundant with creation through the Love and the Light. Now consciousness wanted to experience the non-eternal. And it said,  “Let there be life”.  And the material world was born as the breath of love infused matter with life. And the physical worlds grew and expanded into the infinite void.

The beams of light consciousness went into the matter to experience life in all forms possible, in all ways possible. There is no matter that is not infused with the infinite consciousness, or that was not created by the infinite consciousness. As the beams of light consciousness experienced life they grew and could create more, they created the Natural and Sacred Laws, they created systems of abundance and harmony, they created power and peace and they created joy and beauty.

Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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