On The Day You Were Born…

Before you came to life on Earth you met with your Spirit Guides and Angels in Heaven.

~ They asked you who you want to be then they mapped out your identity in the cosmos.  

~ Then they asked what you want to experience and then calculated your life lessons and experiences by the positions of the stars.

~ Then they asked what you want to do, so they found the perfect astrological timing for your birth to fulfill that purpose.

~ They found you the perfect parents to help you fulfill your desires and sent you down to Earth at exactly the right time and place to have what you wished for in life.

Yet as we live our lives it can get a bit muddled. For everything we want to experience there is an obstacle, for everything we want to do there is a barrier to its success, even our identities can be overcome by self-doubt. This may leave us feeling a bit lost, confused and frustrated at times.

The barriers, obstacles and even doubts have their purpose and in a roundabout way do help us get what we want. Yet it is easier to live life knowing what they are and how to overcome them. This is the key to doing what you came here to do with joy.

With the Life Path Reading we can see exactly what you mapped out to be, to learn and to do before you were born and we can see how to overcome the barriers and obstacles on your life’s path. Using Astrology, Tarot and the assistance of the Spirit Guides we can bring your life back into focus and on the path to fulfillment. This is a reading in four one hour sessions once a week via phone or Skype. Each session includes a minimal homework assignment to help you clear the way to living your potential. All you need is your accurate time/place/date of birth and an open heart.

“I have seen some amazing results in people who have taken this Life Path Reading from Janet Blessings. These sessions with Janet take you to the core where your soul originated and came into being. Once this is determined the corporeal intelligence comes forward and takes part in life again. The cells rearrange and align moving out of resistance and make conscious choices to live fully and freely as intended. This is very important for all of us as a society right now. Go for it with true gusto and you won’t regret it! Beatrex Quntanna, Psychic  

To set up your time contact Janet Blessings at 619-248-4082 or lightstoneacademy@gmail.com    

Find out more at http://lightstoneacademy.com/what-is-your-life-purpose/ 

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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