“Help” is a Four Letter Word

Janet BlessingsChrist said: “It is more blessed to give than receive”, Acts 20:35.  I don’t think this was a commandment or a rule. I don’t believe he was telling us to give, give, give and to avoid receiving. I see this statement as an observation. The giver has the power to make things better for someone else. That power is invigorating. Yet, it also gives the giver a chance to utilize their gifts to share their wisdom, or whatever they have been blessed with, like money or talent, to create change in the world. When we give we grow. When we give we grow spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc., in any arena that we give help in we also grow in. The giver is more greatly benefitted than the receiver.

The strange upside down fact is that when we ask for help we are giving in a most profound and generous way. When we ask for help we are calling upon another to share their blessings with the world to help the giver grow. As we receive the gift the Law of Reflection echoes through the universe to bless the giver. Isn’t that amazing? Think about those whose illness relies on another for assistance; people who are infirm and who need help day in and day out for survival, they are truly the most generous beings of the universe.  They are the blessed of the Angels and hold a sacred place in the realm of light, because their divine task is to help others by asking for help and in doing so create expansion on all levels of being for their helpers.

Asking for help from another is the greatest gift we can give them. Yet we avoid asking for help. We subconsciously see asking for help as giving power away. We fear giving our power away, we fear looking powerless or weak. Or we see ourselves as the helper not the one who needs help.  Yet the wise ones know that the energy exchange of giving and receiving is what generates life, love, and beauty on Earth – and they do not shy away from asking for help.

Think about what it feels like for you when asking for help. See yourself asking another for something you need or want. What does that feel like to you? Is there resistance to asking for help? If so then take a moment in silence with that resistance visioning receiving help and then vision the helper being blessed with more. Then take a moment to breathe that in and feel how that feels.  Asking for help may at first feel strange and weak, but with patience and practice it will feel like the most empowering and loving act you will ever do.

Yes, it is better to give then receive in this world, yet it is more generous to receive than to give. 


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