A Powerful Secret

Secrets have power. Secrets contain energy. Secrets change the energy of those who carry them. Secrets are toxic. Finding out something which has been hidden or sharing something you have been hiding is cleansing. Sharing your secrets is most powerful healing you can receive. That is why we seek out relationships with those we can trust, those who will love us even with our secret. We need the power of healing all the hidden aspects of ourselves. We need to move on from the secrets of the past to be free to live in the now and to do this we need to share what is holding us back. We need to express the shame of the past to be free of it.

If we don’t find a way to share our hidden selves; our toxic secrets will manifest into areas of our lives that will create disease, dysfunction and addiction that will make it very difficult to heal and may even carry on through the generations. The darker the secret, secrets that carry shame, carry a dark powerful energy and can behave similarly to what some would call a curse.

The New Earth cannot tolerate secrets, they must be revealed for us to live in the 5th World of Peace. There will be no more secrets in this New World. It is already manifesting. See it in social media where all that is ‘private’ is now public. See it with the NSA having massive data on the most intimate aspects of our lives. See it in blogs where people discuss the most vulnerable parts of themselves.

When we lived in small tribal villages there could be no secrets, lovers couldn’t cheat without the whole village knowing, spouses couldn’t abuse without every one knowing. No one could steal from you without you finding out who it was. With the internet bringing us together in an intimate web, we are now in a global village – whether you like it or not.

Now it is time to ask yourself how you can safely reveal your secrets. Who could you tell and how can you reveal yourself in a way that feels safe?  Ask yourself if there is something you are actively doing that you think you need to keep a secret. If so think about the worst that could happen if it went public. Would it really be so bad?

When we share our secrets we find out a whole lot of people do or have done what it is we are hiding. Find someone you feel is safe to tell your secrets and feel your healing begin!


Published by

Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

One thought on “A Powerful Secret”

  1. I so enjoy these posts by Janet Lightstone. And I find her timing impeccable. It seems I read her post and a life situation pops up on which to practice. Thank you, Janet. I appreciate your thoughts and wisdom.

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