Protecting Kids Who See Dead People

She first came to me after her 5 year old had a dream about his long dead great-grandfather. “He never met his great-grandpa but he described him perfectly. Now he is seeing and talking to people who aren’t there”. Her worried tones sounded so familiar to me. She is concerned that her son will be haunted or be surrounded by evil spirits. She doesn’t see the spirits and her son only sees them when he is outside. Sometimes they frighten him and he will point to a stranger describe him in great detail when no one is there. As we talked I asked her about her experiences with Spirit.

“I saw my grandma come to me the night she passed, I was about ten at the time. I never told any one. And as a teenager, I had a dream that my friend would die in a car crash, it happened the next day. But that is all, I haven’t had any premonitions after that.”

One bad experience and we shut down our psychic senses. Now her son is talking to dead people and she wants to help him stay open and stay safe. Dana came to me for psychic training. She is ready to explore the unseen but confused on how her own psychic senses work, if she even has any. She’s been curious about spiritual things and has been exploring different ways of being spiritual in a casual way for many years. She already does guided meditations, yoga and has read some books on growing psychically but wants to go deeper. With her son now showing gifts she feels an urgency to understand what is going on and how to help him.

The first thing I do is set intention and ask my guide for help. He is a master teacher and has taught how to help people grow in their abilities. He shows me her son and what is going on with him, he then later will show me how to begin helping Dana.tiger

“We will first begin by connecting to your son’s guardians and ask them for protection,” I begin. Since her son is so young we must we must work with the guides and guardians to assist. I tell her about guardian animals and talk about his guides. I work with his guides creating a strong bubble of protection and I see one very prominent guide as I do this. It is his animal totem. I can feel the relief on the other end of the phone as she sees the veracity of what I am saying. Her son has a favorite stuffed animal that he loves. He never goes to sleep without it. A white tiger his grandma gave him. This is the same as the animal guardian I described! She now sees how the physical world mirrors the spirit world, especially with children. I ask Dana to imagine the tiger, to see it in her mind’s eye and describe it for me. Her description matches mine so we are ready to help her help her son.

“At a quiet time of day ask your son to close his eyes and imagine he sees his stuffed tiger.” I instruct. “Now imagine his tiger is real. Have him describe his tiger for you. Is it big or small? Does it look mean or kind? Once he has a good visual on the tiger ask him to imagine he’s petting the tiger. What does the tiger do when he pets him? Now ask him to imagine the tiger can talk, what does the tiger say to him? Once the tiger has said something now you can have him ask the tiger to protect him. Ask the tiger to keep away any one he doesn’t want around him.” We continue to talk for some time as I answer her questions about how this works. And then she feels ready to help her son keep away dead people with the help of his guardian animal.

Now that her mommy concerns have been addressed, it’s time to help her bring her psychic senses to their potential. Throughout her training I will keep tabs on how her son is doing with his tiger and coach her through his changes as we work on her abilities.

Need help in understanding and growing your abilities? Contact Janet Blessings for more help and information!, 619-866-4405

Personal information in this story is altered to protect the privacy of the subject. No writing, readings, advice, teachings or healing are to be construed as a substitute for medical or legal care or as legal or medical advice.

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