The Language of the Angels

rose heartIn the heavens communication takes place via waves of energy, whole and complete concepts and transmissions of events and ideas are conveyed this way. For channelers this can feel like a download of information. In an instant one can receive and idea complete in it’s form. No words are used in a transmission of this sort. It is a very advanced telepathic communication form that we are all capable of and receive more often than we are consciously aware.

Consider what happens when you get an answer to a question or a problem that has been swirling around in the back of your mind. If you turn your attention from the problem or question at hand and relax the mind the answer can come to you as if by magic. When we speak of the relaxed mind we speak of the times when the mind is not actively working on the problem or trying to find the answer, when the mind is doing not much at all, like when we are doing the dishes, driving, watching T.V. taking a shower. These are the times when our mind can relax and this type of communication be received. Getting the answer at times can require not thinking about the problem but forgetting about the problem, or putting the problem in the back of our mind, until we are in a receptive mode to receive the answer. It is the same concept as speaking and listening. One cannot listen when one is speaking. On an energetic level speaking is sending out frequency telling your story for others to receive. When we are speaking we are not hearing what is being said by others. In order to hear what others are saying we must switch our energy to listening mode to receive the communication. The concept is the same for receive answers for the Angels, if you keep asking the question without waiting for an answer the answer will never come to you.

This technique is simple in concept, we ask our question and we wait for our answer. Easy! Yet when we are emotionally bound up with frustration, anxiety, and/or fear the problem of getting the answer through the emotional din of our energy field becomes impossible. For those problems that we can’t stop thinking about, or even that we can’t even relax our energy enough to sleep, those are the problems that we could use some help with. We need some one who is not emotionally attached to the problem and can help us get the answers we need. Calling a psychic to get the answers is something even psychics must do from time to time. Getting a reading can be the most healing experience there is to be had in those circumstances. Once we get the answer, we feel the truth of it in our body right down to our soul and can move forward without fear.

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