The Art of Asking Questions

A message from the guides… for our students in the Spirit Writing Class. New sessions start in March!

Long ago a man sat under a tree and wondered why an apple fell down instead of up. From the human perspective this was a ridiculous question, and one that was never asked before. Yet it was asked at the right time and by the right person, so we gave him the answer. He set out to prove and explore our answer and got more answers. His question brought about a revolution in human advancement. Scientists are great channels because they ask a lot of questions. The only limitations are the types of questions. Yet we have helped humanity discover more and more about the physical world, from dark matter to quantum mechanics. Now the most advanced thinkers among us are starting to see an overlap of mysticism and science. We have only just begun this discovery. There is unlimited and infinite knowledge not yet tapped. For example, we have yet to give the world of Spirit, the emotional world, the mental world so much attention. Dreams are still a mystery. Love is still a mystery. God is still a mystery. Yet by asking the right questions we can delve into these mysteries like Indiana Jones on a great adventure. Like Columbus sailing west instead of east. Like Newton asking why things drop instead of fly.

By seeing the world with ‘fresh eyes’ – setting aside all preconceived notions of what we think we know – we open the pathway to great knowledge. By asking the question we open the gateway to infinite wisdom and thousands more questions. If you are asking questions about the past, past lives or historical past, you are like an archaeologist, the more you dig the more you find. You will unearth the wisdom of the ancients and will be blessed by them for remembering and sharing who they were and what they knew. If you are asking questions about human affairs, like love and relationships or manifestation you will be a guiding force to help others navigate the tumultuous waters of life. If you are asking questions about health and healing you will be leading the way to saving lives and bringing well being to a new level of advancement. The work you do to ask the right questions, dive deeper into the answers and ask more questions will be rewarded beyond your imagining.

The less we take the world we live in for granted and think the answers are already there the more we can get to the Truth of all things. Be outrageous with your questions. The knowledge humanity has is infinitesimal, we have only just begun to bring this age of information into the realm of Truth. Think about what you think is true then ask “what if the opposite were true?” As they say there is no silly question, it is only silly to not ask at all.

It is time to put on your safari hat, get out your microscope and set sail for the west. There is much to discover.

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Janet Kadow

Teacher, writer, speaker of life with Spirit.

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